Your Starting Point

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Your Starting Point

Hi Everyone,

If we haven’t made contact yet, I would like to introduce myself. I am Tom and welcome to my website.

I am happy that you have found my website and hopefully this will be your starting point for a new journey. The idea of Adventurous Affiliate, is to provide loads of information for people that want to start their own affiliate marketing business with a view to have a flexible lifestyle.

Personally, I want the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want to, so I can enjoy the outdoors. Your reasons my be different to mine, but the principals are the same.

My Story

Hi, welcome to Adventurous Affiliate, I am Tom. I escaped the rat race in the UK to to live in the French Alps to enjoy the mountains. Whether it is on my mountain bike, my snowboard, hiking boots or in my classic Mini, Carolyn (my wife) and I love being here.

In the UK, I worked as an engineer and Carolyn worked in various management positions for a large hotel chain. We got to a point where we were not particularly exited by our jobs and we barely saw each other, so we decided to drop everything and work a winter season as chalet hosts in Val D’Isere France.

When the season finished, we had not! So, we moved to Morzine to check out the mountain bike scene and loved it so much, we decided to stay.

We had been working for a great chalet company for four years, but I decided that I wanted some flexibility and to live in the mountains under my own terms. It got frustrating when I was stuck in someone else working hours, meaning I couldn’t escape on a powder day.

With lots of research I discovered affiliate marketing. This would give me the freedom to escape the office and head up the mountain for a few hours in the morning and continue working as I saw appropriate.

This hasn’t been easy, with lots of late nights in front of my laptop, but knowing will never miss the best conditions on the mountain makes up for it. It is all about balance.

The Reality Of Earning Money Online

I want to make sure that you are under no illusion that earning money online is easy. You need to know the truth behind affiliate marketing, as you have no doubt been exposed to things like this:

OK I made up the graphic above myself, but the internet is littered with people that claim to have the secret to earning money quickly online.

I hate to disappoint you, but these statements are false, and are designed to make the creator of the advert money, not you.

When looking for online business opportunities, you will be exposed to this stuff all the time. It is important to realise that these ‘gurus’ are scammers. My website is here to help you find legitimate ways of making money and to avoid these scammers. 

Get In The Right Mindset

To earn money with your own online business, you need to work very hard. There are no shortcuts and there will be issues that are your fault and ones that are beyond your control. But that is life and you need to learn from these moments. This isn’t just reserved for online businesses, but in any business.

You really need to get in to the mindset of working hard and having a bit of hustle about you. It is really important to have patience too. The work you are doing now won’t earn you any money for months. You are working for your future, not for now. But when it starts to work out for you, you will be rewarded.

Learn From Failures

Lots of people fail when they start affiliate marketing (I certainly have). But this is OK, as long as you learn from it and realise what you should and shouldn’t be doing in terms of making your business a success.

It is possible to reduce the likelihood of failure with some support and some education. When I started in affiliate marketing, I wanted to find the best way of learning about affiliate marketing. Cutting a long story short, I found Wealthy Affiliate. Which is a platform with fantastic training and all the business tools needed to make a success of your business. There is also brilliant support from a community of experienced affiliate marketers to help.

You can learn all about Wealthy Affiliate in my warts n’ all review Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership is an excellent place to start, as you can get some training and experience affiliate marketing first hand. This is how I decided that affiliate marketing was for me.

Your Next Step

I hope that what I have said so far has helped you decide if you want to start a business in affiliate marketing. If you follow the correct process, work hard and be patient, you can enjoy the amazing lifestyle possible with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Disclosure: There will be a few links on this website that I will receive a small amount of money from if you buy through it. It won’t cost you anything extra than going directly to the seller.