Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs: What you need to know

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs: What you need to know

The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs is one of the simplest ways to make money from your website. The proper name for the Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is Amazon Associates. You simply sign up, get approved immediately and start dropping affiliate links for Amazon products straight away.

What is The Amazon Associates Program?

An affiliate marketing program is  what website owners join in order to make money from promoting products or services. Amazon Associates is one of these programs.

Once you have signed up you can get affiliate links for every one of Amazon’s products and services. When visitors to your website click on these links, Amazon tracks payments and gives you a commission for what they buy.

Advantages of Amazon Associates

There are a few reasons why you would want to join the Amazon affiliates program:

  • Amazon is known by pretty much everyone in the world, therefore many people trust it as a brand
  • There is no fee to join
  • Anyone can be accepted to join the program. Some affiliate marketing programs require your site to have a certain level of traffic
  • Due to the variety of products on offer on Amazon, it is great for different types of websites
  • Amazon has a good system to tell you how well your links are performing. It tells you all about revenue, what has been bought and what has been clicked on
  • Money earned is dropped straight in. to your account
  • Amazon has a good reputation for customer service. This means you can be comfortable that your website visitors will get their purchases quickly
  • Customers don’t need to buy the actual product you are promoting for you to make money. If they buy something else from Amazon, but got there through your link, you get the commission for that item (great if they buy a TV!)
  • Once someone has gone to Amazon through your link, you get 24 hours of cookies. This means that if they don’t initial buy anything straight away, but buy something from Amazon later, you get the commission

Disadvantages of Amazon Associates

  • The rate of commission isn’t very high and is also dependant on the category of the product
  • 24 hours of cookies may sound good, but other affiliate programs give 30 or even 90 days
  • You cannot email affiliate links. This includes blog posts that get sent as an email.
  • Amazon works out who your friends and family are. So you don’t get commission if they buy something through your website
  • You have a limited time to make sales before your Amazon Associates account is closes down. This is bad if you are learning how to be an affiliate marketer, as it takes a long time to get traffic to your site

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Build a Website

The first thing you need to do is build a website. Your website needs to have lots of content that people search for with search engines. Your content also needs to be relevant to a certain niche. This is how you attract traffic. 

2. Go to Amazon and Sign up

At this point, you need to creat your Amazon Associates account to get started.

At the Amazon Associates Homepage, you will be able to join up with the yellow button in the top righthand corner.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs
2. Create an Account

You will be prompted to sign in or create an account.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs
3. Fill in your information
Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs
4. Create a Store ID

This will usually be your website name or a variation of it. Also at this point, you will need to tell Amazon the type of topics your website will be covering.

5. Tell Amazon how you intend to get traffic

In this section you fill in the boxes explaining how you intend to get reaffix to your website. You also need to select how you generate income.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs
6. Enter your phone number

Once you have entered your phone number, click on the call me now button. You will get an automated message. Just follow the instructions and your identification will be verified.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs

7. Choose payment method

You can enter your card and tax details at this point or later on.


3. Drop affiliate links on to your website

Now you are good to go with putting affiliate links on your website. There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest way is to use “Site Stripe”. To switch on Site Stripe, check out the video below.

Once Site Stripe is activated, you can easily put affiliate links on your website. But you can also drop the pictures of the products on your website directly from Amazon. These pictures are affiliate links too.

1. Image Affilaite Links

To drop the affiliate link to the guitar above on to this page, I need to click on the “image” button on the Site Stripe toolbar at the top of my screen. This displays the HTML code for the product. This code tracks purchases, giving me my commission. I would then select the size of the image I wanted with a radio button on the left and copy the code to my clipboard. Then simply paste it on to the page.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you click on the guitar picture, you will be directed to Amazon. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged anything. But, maybe you should buy it while you are there 😉

You can also put an affiliate link in to text. To do this, just click on the text button on the Site Stripe toolbar.

Copy the link and add it to the text on your website like this:

Click here to check the price of the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar on Amazon.

How to Promote Amazon Products

Now you know how to get Amazon affiliate links, you need to promote the products. There are a few ways you can do this.


If you already have an established website, using affiliate links is a great way to monetise it. If you don’t have a website you will need one.

There are a few techniques you need to be aware of to get the best out of your affiliate website. The best way to find out what these techniques are, is to get some training. The best training I have found is from an organisation called Wealthy Affiliate. They have a free membership that gives you free tools, two free hosted websites and comprehensive training. All this is a great way to dip your toes in the affiliate marketing world.

But in general, people earn money with affiliate marketing in the following ways:

  1. Giving advice – Going back to guitars, if you are a good guitarist, you can create content around them. For example, you can create content giving tips on buying their first guitar. You can also give recommendations for great beginner guitars, courses etc.
  2. Reviews – You can write reviews on certain products. By doing this, you can makes suggestions on who should buy that particular product.
  3. Best Sellers – By checking out the best selling products on Amazon, gives you something to write about. You can also create content about the best sellers through your website. This will give them a sales boost.
  4. Special Offers – If you have a daily deal website, you can promote the deals found on Amazon. To do this, you must watch the deals constantly to make it work.

Social Media

You can also share affiliate links and content that contains them on social media. You need to let your followers know that the links will make you money. Additionally, you need to post things that are not affiliate links too. This is because, people get annoyed when it is all sell sell sell. Also, Facebook doesn’t like it and can reduce the amount of people you reach.


If you are ok with talking to the camera, you can create a YouTube channel. With this, you can demonstrate and review products, give tutorials or create content that will help people make decisions about their purchases.

Tips For Amazon Affiliates

Once you have signed up to Amazon Associates there are a few things to know.

Read The Rules

This is really important! If you don not follow Amazon’s rules, they can shut down your affiliate account. This is really bad news, as it usually happens when you have created lots of content. An example of this, is when people copy and paste images from Amazon and put them on their website. There has been a lot of websites ruined when Amazon found out. This is why you need to use the image option on Site Stripe.

Don't Overlaod Your Website With Affiliate Links

If your content is full of affiliate links search engines see it as too salesy and not providing enough information for users. So you do need to create content that does not have affiliate links too. But, you can link to content that has.

Keep Content Relevant

If you have a website in the guitar players niche, don’t start promoting irrelevant products. Guitarists don’t want to know about lawnmowers.

Affiliate Disclosure

You need to let your website visitors know that you will make money if they buy through your website. It shouldn’t make a difference to them, but it does help to build trust.

What Are Your Experiences With Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Have you signed up? Are there any other points you would like to share about Amazon Associates? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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