Best Drop Shipping Products: How to choose

Best Drop Shipping Products: How to choose

The main objective of a drop shipping store is to sell as many products as possible. Therefore the best drop shipping products are ones that are the most wanted products for the niche. You need to choose products that have certain characteristics.

In Demand

This is the most important characteristic of a drop shipping product. you really don’t want to fill your store up with product that nobody wants.

The first thing that most drop shippers do is go to Google Trends. You can use it to check if people are commonly interested in a product by seeing how much it is search for on Google.

google trends

In the image above, I have looked at the trends for three different searches over the past five years:

  • buy jacket
  • buy hoodie
  • buy beanie

All of these searches relate to products that keep you warm and comfortable. However, you can see that there are significant differences in the amount of searches that they get. We can also see that the troughs and peaks follow the same pattern. This is where we can see that they are seasonal products, which is something you should keep in mind. Seasonal products won’t sell consistently throughout the year, meaning you will need to add additional products to your store that will.

Another thing we can see from the graph, is that the peaks on the “buy hoodie” line are not as sharp as the “buy jacket” line. This means that it is less seasonal and more reliable. It is best to mix products with non seasonal products to give your store consistency. 


Some drop shippers fail because they choose really boring and generic products. The problem with these boring products is that they can be bought anywhere and the customer doesn’t need to wait for shipping. Therefore, you should really choose products that are interesting and stand out that you wouldn’t normally find in a conventional shop.

Be Perfect For Impulse Buying

Lots of people buy from online drop shipping stores on impulse. This is why drop shipper give their websites an atmosphere to encourage impulse buying. You can do this by:

  • Optimising your store design 
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Showing intense buying activity
  • Inspire trust

However, if your products are not enticing enough none of these will matter. Products that are cute, funny, peculiar, sarcastic etc will trigger an emotional response and result in lots of sales.


When the price from the supplier is low, you have lots of potential to make a tidy profit on a product. You have to find a balance to ensure that both you and your customer are happy with the price.

drop ship pricing strategy

The image above shows a guideline for pricing your products. It is really important to check out what your competitors are charging for the same product. This is because they may be significantly cheaper even before you apply the recommended pricing strategy. There may be another supplier that you can use that is selling the same product for much cheaper, allowing you to make a significantly better profit margin.

Good Deliveries

One of the tricks to make sales, is to offer free delivery of your products. When people leave things in the online basket and don’t buy, it is usually because they are not happy with the delivery charges. Therefore, you need to choose products with free or cheap shipping costs that you don’t mind absorbing. You also need to specify where you intend to be selling the product. This will have a huge impact on the delivery price and time.


I covered uniqueness earlier, but having an online store with distinctive products in an atmosphere makes it appealing for people to buy them. Therefore, your products should be consistent with the design of your website. Being consistent with the products and the store will attract buyers better than one that is mismatched.

Should Not Be Branded

The problem with branded stuff, is that it can be forged. You really don’t want a reputation for selling fake products. Also, if your products are ones that are not aimed at people with brand loyalty, you increase your chances of selling more products. For example, the brand of a stand up paddle board may not matter so much to someone that will buy one, unlike a mobile phone.

Examine Potential Products

examine the drop shipping product

So you have found a product that is unique, well priced and competitive. It ticks all the boxes, so should you add it to your store? Not just yet, there are a few more things that it should have to make sure it will sell.

Great Pictures

Products listed on platforms such as AliDropship have photo galleries. You really need to choose products with photos that are of high quality, have a few different photos that illustrate the product well. Photos and descriptions are the only things that the potential customer has to go on to learn about the product. Therefore, you need to check that the product gallery and description are informative enough. The best photos are ones that show the product in use and ones that show it in close up detail.

If there are different versions of the product, you need to show all of the variations available. Large high pictures of products prevents any confusion and misunderstanding. It is beneficial if you can choose photos that show the product from different angles and give the customer an idea of the size of the item.

A Detailed Product Description

Before a customer makes a purchase, they will want to know everything about the product. As they are looking at the product online, they can’t physically see what they are buying, so a detailed product description is very important.

The description needs to answer any potential questions the customer may have. Accurate and professional product descriptions provide great customer service, instils trust and builds trust.

Your product description should address the things that the customer will likely to find important. Depending on the product, your description should:

  • Appeal to the target audience
  • Focus on the benefits
  • Give all relevant details (size, materials etc)
  • Use natural language and tone
  • Use words that increase the intent to sell (amazing, mind-blowing, wonderful etc)
  • Be easy to read quickly
  • Optimised for search engines (include necessary keywords that are related to the product)


Most drop shipping platforms give you access to product reviews. Reviews benefit you and your customers in a few ways. The first thing reviews do is prove to the customer that someone has actually bought the product previously. It is comforting for the customer for the customer to know that it has been bought successfully from the seller.

You can also add a customer gallery to your online store. This is where customers send photos of them receiving and using the products they have bought from you. You can also add the direct links to the customer photos so other customers will have easy access to the buying page.

Reviews also help you decide if you want to import the product in to your store. You really don’t want to fill your store up with products that have bad reviews.

You really need to make sure that the reviews are of high quality. Sometimes reviews that are automatically translated look messy and don’t add credibility to your store. Therefore you should leave auto translate switched off or delete ones that look confusing.

Supplier's Reputation

Most drop shippers pay attention to the supplier’s prices, but you also need to look at a couple of other aspects of a product. If you are looking at products that are new, you can’t rely on previous buyer’s experiences (because there aren’t any). Therefore, you need to check out the supplier’s reputation.

When you find a great product that you want to add to your store you should check the supplier’s rating and shipping options. If they are good, you should go for it.

Products You Should Avoid

bad drop shipping products

Now you have an idea of what to look for in a drop shipping product, you should get the full picture of what not to sell as a drop shipper.

Choosing the wrong product can lead to terrible customer experiences, which cause you headaches, more work and a bad reputation. Additionally, it could give you legal problems.


Putting branded product in your store is a recipe for disaster. If you sell an item of designer clothing online and it turns out to be fake, the customer is not going to be happy. Their negative feedback will damage your reputation.

You will also find it difficult to promote them via Instagram shoutouts and Facebook adverts. Additionally, if you manage to get  wide coverage for the products, you will attract the attention of the real brand, authorities or concerned individuals. This will be damaging for you, especially if your social media accounts are blocked.


Products such as knives and hunting equipment are subject to import regulations. Some countries won’t allow certain products through customs, so if you insist on selling this stuff, check the regulations for the countries you are intending to sell to.

Easily Damaged

Delivery of products can take a long time and there will be some bumping around during the process. it won’t be a surprise to you that customers don’t like it when their products are deformed or smashed (especially after waiting a couple of weeks for it). This makes a fragile product questionable for drop shipping.

You may find a fragile product that you really want to sell. In this case, you need to contact the supplier to find out what packaging they are going to use and what they do to prevent damage in transit.


Heavy items are tricky to ship. This usually results in extra shipping costs, which is not great for your customers. Heavy products are also difficult to manage, which can easily result in damage.

Technically Complex

Electrical gadgets are becoming more popular. But you may find that the accessories to gadgets are better to drop ship than the gadget itself.

This is because you or the customer won’t know if it is in fully working order before shipping. If the customer receives a product that doesn’t work, you will need to deal with returning it and replacing/refunding. Expensive and complex products make this a longer process and a bit trickier.

Tight Fitting Clothes And Shoes

Tight fitting clothes usually need the wearer to try them on to make sure that they fit and look good. The customer will realise this and decide not to buy. Alternatively, they will buy, take delivery, be disappointed and send it back. Neither of these scenarios are ideal.

Shoes give you the same problem. If they are uncomfortable, they will be sent back, which required you to do more work for no money. 

Therefore, if you want to sell clothes, go for loose fitting ones. This means you will get less customer service issues.

Check list for choosing drop shipping products

Have You Decided On What Product You Are Going To Sell?

I hope this has been useful to you. Good luck in finding some great products and launching your online store.

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