Can I Start An Online Business At Home?

Can I Start An Online Business At Home?

Of course you can! These days you don’t need to be a webs designer or have buckets of cash to get someone to build you a website. Starting an online business at home is within anyone’s reach. Yes you will have to learn some new skills, but if you want to make a new start, this comes as part and parcel of making a change. In this post I am going to answer your question of “Can I Start An Online Business At Home?”. I will give you all the advantages of doing so, some great ideas and what I did. So stick with me and I will reveal all.

Reasons Why I Started My Online Business

I Can Work At Any Time

I believe that we should be able to make the most out of our lives. This is really difficult to do when you work on somebody else’s timeframe. Waiting for the weekend before you can enjoy yourself is a waste of time.

An online business (depending on what you do) doesn’t have to be managed during the same working hours every day. In many cases, you can work when you want to, as long as you get enough work done!

I live in the French Alps and want to make the most of the mountains. During the winter I spend as much time snowboarding as possible and mountain biking in the winter, these are obviously weather dependant. By having flexible working hours, I can have a couple of hours on the mountain when the weather is good. As long as I complete my weekly tasks, I am happy that I am productive enough. This means that sometimes I will be working late at night, but this is my choice and I have had a great day of fun and productivity.

The challenge here is to say no from time to time. My friends are pretty good at persuading me to go out with them, but I have to be strong or I will fall behind.

When the weather is bad I like to get ahead of myself when it comes to work. This way I don’t feel guilty about enjoying myself.

I Can Work Anywhere

I have no plans to leave the mountains, but if I decide to, my business can carry on uninterrupted. But, occasionally I like to mix it up for a change of scenery. I normally work from home, but it is nice to get out of the apartment and go to a coffee shop or even to a mountain restaurant.

Many people that work online, live in camper vans or move around a lot. This is because the online working lifestyle is perfect for those that want to see more of the world.

But you don’t have to be a digital nomad to take advantage of having an online business. For example, you could be a stay at home parent, live a long way from a town, be disabled or just want an extra form of income.

Great Earning Potential

There is huge earning potential with many online businesses. You have to get it right, but when you do, you can tap in to a worldwide market of people that can spend money with you 24/7.

Many people are using their phones to buy stuff, which they have on them at all times. This behaviour is only going to increase over time and more people are getting access to high speed internet by the day.

Cheap To Start

Some online businesses are very cheap to start. As long as you have a computer, a hosted website and an internet connection, you are good to go.

This low cost of starting up a business, means that online businesses are more accessible to more people. In many cases you don’t need a huge investment to get going.

How I Chose Which Business To Start

My business of choice had to meet some prerequisites to allow me to have the lifestyle I want.

  • Flexibility – I wanted to work when and where I wanted to
  • Be worth it – I don’t want to put time and effort in to something that wasn’t going to earn me any money
  • Be legitimate – I didn’t want to waste my time or anyone else’s working on something that could potentially be a scam
  • Good training resources – My business was going to be 100% new to me. Therefore, I wanted to make sure that there was some good quality sources of information. I didn’t want to be lured in by “gurus” with get rich quick schemes

With these prerequisites in mind, I started to do lots of research in to what online business I could start.

Options Of Good Online Businesses To Start From Home

Social Media Agency

I was already managing the social media for a couple of local businesses, so I looked in to what it would take to turn this in to a larger scale business.

I go in to more detail in my post on how to start a social media marketing business, but businesses use the services of social media agencies because they struggle to find the time to post quality content. Your clients will expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Marketing – This will be mainly promoting their products and services and building the brands presence with great content.
  • Building the brand – By creating relevant content across all social media platforms, you should build your client’s brands.
  • Attract new customers – Your clients will want to see new customers that have been attracted to them via your content. So you need to grab their attention and interact with them to keep them engaged.
  • Time saving – Ultimately, you clients will want you to create quality content for them, so they can spend their time on the day to day running of their business.

Depending on what level of service your clients want, you can charge up to $1,000 per month. You only need 4 clients and you will be very comfortable.


There are a few different ways you can make money writing blogs. For example, you can write blogs for clients to attract traffic to their website, or you could start your own blog page. In my guide on how to make money blogging, I explain all the different ways blogging can be used as an income and how you can do it.


A copywriter creates content in order to get people to take action or to inform them. Copywriters are in great demand at the moment, as businesses rely on this type of content. So if you have a flair for words, this may be a good option for you. In my guide on how to become a copywriter with no experience, I talk about all the different tasks a copywriter performs. However, it is more involved than you may think. To be successful, you need to not just be good at writing stuff, but you also need the following skills:

  • Self promotion – This is so you can get enough work
  • Good with words – You need to be able to create content that is engaging with your audience
  • Good research skills – Copywriters spend most of their time researching the things they need to write about. This is especially the case when writing case studies to white papers.
  • Social media skills – Depending on your client, you may be asked to create good social media content
  • SEO – You may be asked to write blogs or other internet content. Therefore, you will need to know about Search Engine Optimisation, in order to make sure it gets in front of the correct audience

Copywriting is a great way to make a living, but self promotion is key to ensuring you earn good money.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is when you have an online shop, but you don’t buy any stock until somebody places an order. When somebody does place an order, the supplier sends the product straight to the customer. 

You make money by putting a markup on the supplier’s price. You just have to make sure your markup is big enough o cover the shipping costs and make you a nice profit.

This is a great business model and sounds easy.However, the difficult bit is attracting people to your online store. This is done with paid social media adverts that target potential customers within your drop shipping niche.

Targeting adverts is a case of trial and error. There is a good chance you will make a loss when you first start. But this need to be seen as a way of gathering data about your audience and not as a failure. Once you have gathered enough data, you will be able to target your advert better and start scaling up. There is a huge amount of money to be made drop shipping products

Affiliate Marketing

I do a bit of social media marketing for clients and write blogs, but my choice of online business is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other peoples products and services in return for sales commissions. The advantage over drop shipping, is that you don’t have to pay for adverts to reach your audience. The best way to do this, is to create great content that people are searching for online. For more detailed information on affiliate marketing, check out my guide on how to make money affiliate marketing

Why I Chose Affiliate Marketing

After a lot of research, I decided to start an affiliate marketing business, because it met all of prerequisites I mentioned earlier. I am glad I started my affiliate marketing business, as I get to do all the things I enjoy, while making money creating content on the things I am passionate about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Start - Benefits of affiliate marketing

One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing after the flexibility, is the earning potential. Let me illustrate this for you. If you were to make $30 per sale, you can make a very nice living out of it. Check out the infographic below.

How does affiliate marketing work? - earning potential infographic

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing

During my research I looked in to lots of ways to learn about affiliate marketing. There are lots of “gurus” that promise overnight success with their methods of affiliate marketing. There were so many of these guys, I nearly gave up to start something else. This is because I didn’t believe any of them, you can see you I don’t believe the gurus when it comes to affiliate marketing training.

But I did come across a great organisation called Wealthy Affiliate. These guys are legit and give you realistic expectations about what it takes to make it in affiliate marketing.

The first thing that attracted me to them, was their honest approach and that they were not too salesy, like the others.

The next thing was their Free Membership. I was still trying to decide if affiliate marketing was for me, but this gave me the opportunity to actually start two websites for free, following their training.

Once I had completed the training available in the Free Membership (which takes you from day 1 of your journey), I realised that affiliate marketing was for me. In this post I drill down in to the details of the Free membership. But, it isn’t just training you get with this, you also get:

  • Website hosting
  • A domain registrar
  • Access to Jaaxy keyword research tool
  • Technical support
  • Access to the Wealthy Affiliate community to get as much information from it as possible.

Check out my full review of Wealthy affiliate here, to get the warts n’ all truth about it. You will be able to decide if it is for you or not.

Can I Start An Online Business At Home? - Answered!

So there you have it, it is definitely possible to start an online business at home. But which one will you choose and why? Please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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