Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

The question of can you make money affiliate marketing? is one everyone should ask before they start their own affiliate marketing website. The answer, is absolutely!

Although I work on other income streams, affiliate marketing is what I spend the majority of my time doing. I started working on my first website in my spare time after work. Every night, I came home, opened my laptop and got cracking, until bedtime. I then managed to go part time and now I work from home full time.

As with anything, there are pros and cons in affiliate marketing. But, there are definitely more pros and most of the cons can be overcome with hard work in the right places.

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Affiliate Marketing Is A Proper Business

I am going to assume that you know how affiliate marketing works. But if you are not sure, check out my post how can I make money from affiliate marketing.

There are a few reasons why people that start affiliate marketing fail. The first one, is that they don’t take it seriously as a business. They think that they can dip in and out of it from time to time and expect to make money. Unfortunately, it takes real dedication, consistent work and patience to make it work.

Another way affiliate marketers fail, is when they give up too soon. It is soul destroying to work your butt off for months and not earn any money. But, this is the way affiliate marketing works. It is not a get rich quick scheme. You are working to make your future better, not your present.

Many budding affiliate marketers get drawn in by get rich quick ebooks, training courses and videos. All of these, are created by people that claim that they have the secret to earning lots of money through affiliate marketing quickly. This may involve their special system or some software they have created, that allows you to earn money by barely doing a thing.

When you come across these people, give them a wide berth. They only make money from selling these courses and ebooks etc. 

You Need To Put The Effort In To The Right Places


It is all very well having the drive to put in lots of effort, but you need to put the effort in where it counts.

With affiliate marketing, content is king. You need to be creating content regularly to keep search engines and your audience happy. It is best to work on your website every day (at least in the early days), as it shows that your website is a good source of information.


Put The Groundwork In

The first thing you need to do, is decide what niche you are going to base your website around. A niche is a group of people with a common interest. You need to choose one of these groups of people to target, in order to make money.

The thing about niches, is that not all of them are equal when it comes to how much money you can make. You really need to choose a niche that you have a passion about, or at least an interest. But, if it doesn’t have a big enough following, or it has been saturated, you are on to a loser straight away. Therefore, you need to find a good niche before you start to build your website.

Check out my guide to choosing an affiliate marketing niche, to make sure you don’t make the common mistakes.

There is no point just writing stuff that you think that people want to read about. You need to know that your intended audience will see it. This is where you need to do some quality keyword research. This may sound boring, but it doesn’t take that long to do and you can have a big list of keywords to base your content around in no time.

To learn all about this, check out my guide on how to do keyword research for content marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Takes Time....But It Is Worth The Effort

Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing - time

The big affiliate marketing companies have huge budgets to spend on advertising. This is the quick way of putting content in front of an intended audience. However, this is not the way to do things when you are just starting out.

By consistently working on your website in the right way, you will gradually build up enough domain authority to reach your audience easier. Don’t expect loads of cash to start flooding in next week, as the online “gurus” will have you believe.

It will take 6 to 12 months of creating high quality content to see some good money coming in. It is doubtful that you will be able to leave your job at this point, but  it is possible that you could be heading in the right direction. But, there are other ways to supplement your income online too.

Don't Waste Your Cash

When your affiliate marketing business does start to work, you may be tempted to start spending your money on fun stuff. There is nothing wrong with this, but a better investment would be to put it back in to your business. By investing in your business, you will be able to increase your income. Examples of wise investments are:

  • Paying people to write content for you
  • Advertising for more exposure
  • Legitimate training
  • programs
  • Better business tools

These examples will make it easier for you to earn money faster. This will help you to buy the fun stuff when your bank is that little bit more full.

Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing? - Yes!

There are lots of people all over the world making money affiliate marketing. This is because they put the right amount of effort in to the right places. This is something you can do too.

I started affiliate marketing with the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership. This gave me the perfect insight and knowledge I needed to start my business. I am still using it, to expand my business and learn about the current techniques and best practices.

Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate to see what I like and don’t like about the platform.

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