Getting Ready For Summer

Getting Ready For Summer

In my last “lifestyle” post, I talked about how much fun we had over winter before went into lockdown. During the lockdown, I used my time to get as much work done as possible while getting as fit as possible. Fitness is definitely a big part of my life, due to all the things I get up to here in the mountains. I have committed to a few things this summer that fitness is going to play a big part in.

The Tour Du Mont Blanc

Next week, we are taking on the Tour du Mont Blanc, well half of it anyway. This is basically a big hike that takes you around the highest mountain in Europe.

Our route starts in St Gervais, France and ends in the Italian ski resort of Courmayeur three days later. We will be covering between 20 and 25km per day while staying overnight in mountain refuges. The experience is going to be pretty amazing, but hard work, so we have been spending a lot of our free time hiking in preparation. 

Getting Ready For Summer - hike

As you can see from the photo above, it is pretty spectacular around here and I love the fact that all of these places are literally on our doorstep. You will be able to see more of these hikes only Instagram feed.

Spartan Race

Getting Ready For Summer - spartan

Every summer Morzine is converted into an obstacle course, when the Spartan race comes to town. This is a pretty gruelling event that sees competitors climbing, jumping, swimming, and running around the mountains. There are three different distances, sprint, super and the beast. I did the super last year (that is me with the chain in the pic above), but this year I have signed up to the Beast.

The Beast is a half marathon distance with over thirty obstacles and a few mountains to get over. The hiking training is defiantly going to help, but so it the circuit training I have been doing before I start work in the morning.

During the lockdown, I went old school with Shaun T’s Insanity workout. Insanity is super tough, but it works a treat, and I am feeling pretty good from doing it. Therefore, I recommend it if you really want to kickstart your fitness. I just need to continue what I am doing, but get a load of upper body strength in before the race in September.

Mountain Biking

Getting Ready For Summer - bike

Normally my summers consist of mountain biking and more mountain biking. I absolutely love it, even though it is pretty scary from time to time. The mountain bike trails here are just incredible and challenging. Once I have recovered from the Tour du Mont Blanc, I will be stashing the hiking boots away in favour of spending days of pedalling around the mountains.

Mini Adventures

Getting Ready For Summer - mini

Something else I have been doing is getting my old mini back on the road. I have had this car since I was 17 and a couple of years ago, I managed to bring it out to France. It is perfect for the tight corners on the alpine roads around here.

Unfortunately, before I brought it out to France, I gave it to a mini specialist, to make sure that it was all working OK, as it hadn’t been on the road for a few years. I wanted him to fix all the oil leaks before I flew back to the UK to drive it here. Cutting a long story short, he had it for three months, charged me a fortune, but failed to fix the things I asked him to.

I am in the process of converting it to a French car, but it failed the CT (the equivalent of a British MOT) on oil leaks. With help from a friend, I took the engine out and fixed all the problems the mechanic in the UK said he had done.

But now, it is all ready for taking Carolyn and me on some adventures around Europe. We are thinking of popping over to Switzerland, Austria and Italy. But, we will probably go to Hossegor in the south-west of France for a couple of weeks to see our friends and give surfing another go in September.

It Is Going To Be A Great Summer

The fact that I have an online business, I can choose my working hours and do all of these things. I live in a holiday destination, which means I can enjoy all the things the tourists do, but I don’t have to squeeze it all into one or two weeks.

Due to the pandemic, local holiday companies have not been able to recruit staff, as they don’t know how busy they are going to be and they are not making money at the moment, which is a big worry for them. However, when they do start to get bookings, they will be short-staffed, so I have offered to help out my friends during weekends if they need help.

This will be another income stream, while my online businesses are working for me in the background. This is going to make the summer very busy, but I am looking forward to getting stuck in.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Summer

  • 22/06/2020 at 1:37 pm

    Your summer certainly sounds as if it is going to be a busy time, but it also looks very exciting. You are fortunate to be living in the mountains where you have access to fresh air and all the beautiful trails for hiking and cycling. The Tour du Mont Blanc sounds very exciting and something that I would very much like to do. 

    • 22/06/2020 at 3:33 pm

      Hi Line,

      Thanks for your comment. It is going to be an amazing summer.


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