How Can I Make Money From Working At Home? 10 ways to freedom

How Can I Make Money From Working At Home? 10 ways to freedom

How can I make money from working at home? Is a question more people are asking these days. People are starting to realise that it isn’t always necessary to work in someone else’s office and there are more flexible ways to live their lives while earning money.

Working from home is entirely possible for most people thanks to the internet. In fact, working from home is the only option for some people. Personally, I do it because it gives me the flexibility to work when I want and from anywhere. It means I am not stuck to someone else’s time table.

To get to this point I had to do lots of research to make sure that I found the best way for me to earn a living in this flexible way. I wanted a legitimate way that would give me the lifestyle I wanted, so when I was researching ways I had three questions:

  • Is it legitimate? – I wasn’t going to fall for any scams
  • How much money can I earn – It needed to be worth my time and effort
  • How do I learn how to do it? – Whatever I chose was going to be new to me, so I wanted to find the best way to learn it

In this post, I ma going to share with you my findings and what I chose to do.

1. Build a Blog

Blogging is very popular and a good way to earn passive income. There are various ways to monetise your blog, but the main way is to become an affiliate marketer. This is what I do and it can be very lucrative.

Earning Potential

There is a lot of money to be earned with an affiliate marketing business. This all depends on your niche, the products and services you promote and how hard you work. But, lets say you earn £30 per sale, you can see the earning potential in the image below.

How to build an affiliate marketing website
How To Get Started

Before I started my affiliate marketing business, I looked in to lots of training courses. The best one I found was Wealthy Affiliate. I like their non-pushy style and the fact I could sign up to the Free membership to give it a try before I made any decisions.

2. Freelance Writing

I do a little bit of this too. I write a few blogs for a local holiday company, but this is a nice way to earn some cash from home. If you are good and can market yourself well, you can earn big money doing this.

Earning Potential

I have read about people earning £200,000 per year, but apparently it is more common for people to earn £40,000 to £50,000 per year when done properly.

How To Get Started

There is an excellent writing course from Holly Johnson. She takes you through the steps of earning a six figure salary as a full time freelance writer.

3. Proofreading

If you have an excellent grasp of grammar, you can earn money proofreading. Correcting grammatical errors before documents and literature is published is very important. There is a big demand for proof-readers with the amount of content that is produced every day.

Earning Potential

Many proofreaders earn £1,000 to £4,000 per month, but it is possible to earn over £40,000 in one month.

How To Get Started

There are various online courses you can sign up to. But you might want to check out the Free one from

4. Data Entry

how to earn money affiliate marketing

This may not be an exciting way to earn a living, but it is certainly easy. You can expect to be doing lots of typing, processing data and filling in spreadsheets. You will earn more money from a specialised field, such as medical data entry. You need to be aware that data entry is one of the most common ways to scam people. If you are asked to pay money to pay for a data entry kit, stay away from it. A legitimate data entry organisation won’t ask you for money to work for them. Click here to see how to avoid scams.

Earning Potential

You can earn about £12 or $15 per data entry job.

How To Get Started

Simply do a Google search for data entry jobs, but watch out for scammers.

5. Surveys

You can actually fill in surveys and earn money. This is one of the ways companies learn about their markets and potential customers. It is a form of marketing and gathering data. 

Earning Potential

You are not likely to make a living out of filling in surveys, but  it is an easy way to get some pocket money. You can earn £1 to £15 per survey.

How To Get Started

Search for online survey companies and sign up. You will receive an email with available surveys to take. Once you have filled them in, you get rewarded for it. This is another way that people fall for scams, so be vigilant and don’t hand any money over to anyone.

6. Managing Social Media Accounts

I do a little bit of this too. I manage the social media for a holiday company and a local bike shop. It is pretty easy to do and it is even better as they fall in to my interests. 

Earning Potential

This all depends on you and your client. Have a chat and agree a rate for a certain amount posts per week.

How To Get Started

Literally go and talk to people. It is good if you already have a proven track record of doing this, but as long as your client trusts you, you should be fine.

7. Professional Skills

If you have a certain set of skills, you can work remotely and use them. For example, if you have lots of experience in a certain field, you can be a consultant. You may be a software designer and this is something you can do from anywhere. Depending on your situation, you can work to learn these skills and ultimately use them at home. This will take time, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Earning Potential

This depends on your field of work, but experienced consultants and software designers do very well for themselves.

How To Get Started

You need to get qualified and have some hands on experience. Once, you have built a reputation, you will be able to work remotely.

8. Drop Shipping

how can I make money from the internet

I considered starting a drop shipping business when I was starting out. This is where you sell third party goods on behalf of a drop shipping company. The great thing is, is that you don’t need to buy or ship the product yourself. When you make a sale, it gets sent to the customer by the drop shipper.

Earning Potential

You can make a serious amount of money with drop shipping. It is common for earnings of over £10,000 per month. 

How To Get Started

There are many online courses that tell you all about drop shipping. 

9. Copywriting

Copywriting is the process of writing adverts or marketing material. Essentially, copywriters create content in order to sell a product or service or to persuade the reader to do something. It can even be used to change someones perception about a company, brand or person.

A copywriter will create adverts for magazines, email ads, banner ads amongst other things.

Earning Potential

You can earn lots of money as a copywriter, but this all depends on you. It depends on how good you are and how well you market yourself. You have to search for lots of different clients and make them aware of what you do. Many copywriters work for themselves but have regular employment too.

How To Get Started

There are lots of copywriting courses online, but you may want to check out this blog on how to become a copywriter with no experience.

10. eBay

There are lots of people that make a nice living from selling stuff on eBay. By setting up a shop, you can sell all sorts of stuff. It is mainly used as an extra source of income.

Earning Potential

This all depends on you and your products. It is a good idea to start selling stuff you no longer want at home. You do spend a lot of time listing the products, as well as packing and shipping them off. So you may find that it isn ‘t a great way of making money. However, if it works for you, you can decide to start your own eBay shop.

How To Get Started

Create a seller’s account and sell stuff you have at home. If you decide it is what you want to do, set up an eBay shop.

Do any of these take your fancy?

These are all viable ways you can make money working from home. Some are more involved than others, but the ones you have to work at are the most lucrative. As I said before, affiliate marketing is the business I chose to pursue.

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