How Can I Make Money With A Blog?

How Can I Make Money With A Blog?

Blogging is a very popular way of starting an online business. There are lots of people doing it, but it may not be very obvious how they make a living out of their blog. In this post I am going to answer the question of “how can I make money with a blog?”. I am going to take you through the steps on how to get going and how to monetise your blog.

Step 1 - Start A Blog

For those of you that have no idea on how to do this, don’t worry. Everybody has to start somewhere, but it is actually pretty easy to do. Check out my guide on how to start your own blog site, for all the details. This will give you all the steps to get started.

Step 2 - Create Great Content

The type of content that your create will depend on your niche. For example you may want to start a blog in the health and beauty niche or for beginner guitar players. The choice is pretty endless, but if you want to make money from it, you need to choose your niche wisely. This is because you need to focus on an audience.

Whatever niche you choose to work in, you need to make sure your content is useful or helps people. By solving people’s problems, you will be able to create content that people are looking for on the internet. The best way to make sure that you create content that people are looking for is to do some keyword research. Keywords are what people type in to Google’s search bar when they want answers to things. Content can be about personal experiences of places you have been, products you have used or guides on how to do things.

Helpful content will build the trust your audience has in you, which is really important if you want to make money from your blog.

Step 3 - Know Your Audience

You need to do a bit of research on what your target audience is in to. You need to find out what they are interested in. You can do this with keyword research, but you can also do this by checking out forums such as Reddit, Facebook groups and accounts etc.

Step 4 - Engage With Your Audience

When you start to get some visitors to your blog, you will need to engage with them. This will encourage them to come back. You do this be encouraging your visitors to leave comments on your posts. When people comment, you MUST reply to them. This serves a couple of purposes. The first one is that the fact that someone has taken the time to comment, it is just good manners to reply. But this humanises your blog even more, rather than it being a faceless website. The second reason for encouraging comments, is that search engines like to see that a website is active and people are engaging with it. The more comments you get, the better your blog will rank in search engines. 

Step 5 - Monetisation

The previous four steps are the building blocks of a blog. These are the things that you need to get right before you will be able to make money from your blog. There is a lot of work to do, but if you do it properly, you will be able to make a very good income blogging.

Now it is time to monetise your blog. There are lots of ways you can make money. I am going to go in to the most popular ways bloggers make money.

1. Advertising

To make money from advertising you need a large following. But as your gain popularity, you will be able to charge businesses for placing banners on your posts

The other way to place adverts on your blog, is to use Google Adsense. This will automatically put adverts relevant to your niche and to your audience’s interests around your content.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way you can monetise your blog. This is where you talk about products and services that you recommend to your readers. In exchange for your recommendations, you get a percentage of the sales price when somebody buys.

If you have had a good experience with a particular product within your niche, you can write about it and earn money through an affiliate program. If you can think of something that you can pay for over the internet, there is a good chance that there is an affiliate program for it. Amazon’s affiliate program is a good one to start with, as they have millions of products you can earn commissions off. But if you are a travel blogger you can still earn money from airlines, accommodation providers or even TripAdvisor. 

For more information on this, check out my post on how to make money affiliate marketing.

3. Sponsored Content

When you start to get more established, you may be able to find opportunities to make money by creating content that promotes businesses. For example, a business may ask you to write an advertorial piece on the a service or product they provide. This is good in two different ways, you get paid and your blog gets extra exposure, as they will share your blog through their social media channels.

4. Sell Your Services

Your blog could all be about you and what you do. If you are a copywriter or have a social media agency, you can promote this through your blog. By using good SEO techniques to get your blog to the top of Google searches, you can punt out your specialist  skills to potential customers that want their problems solving. Therefore blogs are a great way of self marketing.

5. Sell Products

It is possible to sell your own products through your blog. Maybe you have an idea for an online course? If so people can buy it off you at anytime all over the world if you put it on your blog.

These digital products can be anything from eBooks, courses, music, photos or videos. If you can find a market for your product people will buy it online.

You may have an idea for physical products for people to buy. By creating content based around the problems your product solves, you will be able to make sales.

6. Memberships

By creating a section of your website that is exclusive to members, you can charge money for it. If people sign up to a membership, they have access to different content than you would have for everyone else. This is a great way of making money, as the people that want to pay are invested in what you are producing and you can send them exclusive offers and extra content for even more money. By selling memberships, you can make money at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

How Can I Make Money With A Blog? - Answered

So that is how bloggers make money. You can do this too and it is actually a fun way to make a living. You are always creating content about the things you are passionate about, or at least interested in. It isn’t a fast way to make money, but many people make it work. There is a learning curve you need to go through, but it isn’t that complicated.

If you have any thoughts or questions on this subject, please leave them in the comments section below.

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