How Much Money Can You Make in Affiliate Marketing? The Truth

How Much Money Can You Make in Affiliate Marketing? The Truth

The fact you have landed on this page, tells me you know a bit about affiliate marketing but you want to know more about it before you commit to starting your own business. There is lots of information about starting an affiliate marketing business on this site, but here I answer the question “How Much Money Can You Make in Affiliate Marketing?”.

This is a question that is always asked in general conversation and by people that are considering starting their own business. But there is a lot of factors involved and it depends on lots of different things.

Earning Potential

There is a serious amount of earning potential with affiliate marketing when done properly. Depending on your niche, the products you promote and your efforts. But lets work on the basis that you get £30 or $30 for selling a product or service through your website, which is entirely possible.

How to build an affiliate marketing website

As you can see from the graphic above, the figures are pretty good. Now imagine having two, three or more websites. The money starts to look even better!

Experience and Knowledge Make a Difference

How much money you can make in affiliate marketing  depends on how competent you are. As a beginner you will not earn anything at all. But you will stay at this level if you don’t increase your skills. This is done by learning from proper training courses and from your own mistakes.

  • Beginner – Lose money
  • Low level – $0 to $300 per day
  • Intermediate – $300 to $3000 per day
  • High level – over $3000 per day
  • Advanced with years of experience and employees – Over $10,000

What Do Established Affiliates Make?

The majority of affiliate marketers are in the “intermediate” category I mentioned above. These are the ones that work on their websites full time. The ones that jump from”low level” to “intermediate”, are the ones that  put in lots of effort and use the correct techniques.

Affiliate marketing can be used to either supplement your income or become a full time business. But, how much money you can make depends on how much work you put in to it.

How Long Does It Take To Get There?

Before you start affiliate marketing, it is natural to want to know how long it takes to start making money. You will come across lots of people selling training courses and overpriced ebooks that promise that contain the secret to earning thousands from home while doing nothing. They are lots of these courses that say that you can make money as soon as you have built your website.

These are the training courses you need to avoid. They will make promises to get you to a certain lifestyle, but won’t give you any idea of how they will do this until you hand over some money. They are usually “gurus” with Ferraris and boats selling you the secret to their success. I don’t trust these guys.

In reality, there are two answers to this question. The first answer is “it depends”. It depends on your niche, how hard you work, how serious you are, if you are a fast or slow learner and how lucky you are.

The second answer is “about 12 months to see success”. You may start to see some pennies coming in after a few months, but realistically, you need to work hard and put effort in for at least a year before you start seeing decent money coming in.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • The learning curve – Affiliate marketing isn’t complicated, but there are a few techniques you need to learn to make sure your business is successful. These can take time to learn, depending on how hard you work, your training and your ability to learn.
  • Search engines – The content you create for your website needs to be ranked highly in search engines. How well it ranks depends on the keywords you base your content around. It usually takes 3 to 4 months before Google starts to rank your content. It gets easier after 12 months, as Google wants to know that you are in it for the long term and not just playing at it. Check out the video below.
  • Your Niche – Some niches are more popular than others. Some niches are seasonal, so people may only be searching for your content at certain times of the year.
  • Creating content – This takes time in itself. You do get quicker as you get more practice. But, being organised also speeds up the process of writing about the topics within your niche.

Is It Worth It?

If you do it properly by putting in the time and effort to get traffic to your website, affiliate marketing is a fantastic way of getting paid.

You start to earn passive income. Therefore, you put the effort in to creating content that can earn you money for years to come. While you are earning money from content you created years ago, you are creating more content. This makes your income grow exponentially.

However, most people don’t make it that far. The biggest barrier to being successful in affiliate marketing is lack of effort and patience. Too many people give up within their first year because they are not making any money. But, the reality is that you need to be in it for the long term. The good news is that you don’t have to spend too much money in starting up an affiliate marketing business like you would with a conventional “bricks and mortar” business.

Pros Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Low cost to start up
  • No need to create a product or service
  • Don’t have to hold stock or ship it
  • Work from anywhere at any time
  • Passive income
  • Can be done alongside a full time job for extra money or as an exit strategy
  • High earning potential

Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Takes a long time to make money
  • High competition (but correct research techniques can reduce this)

How Do I Speed It Up?

Like I said earlier, how quickly you make money depends on a few things. But, the one you can have an effect on is your knowledge. 

With the right knowledge, you can use the correct techniques and reduce the amount of mistakes you make. This is the best way to speed up the process of becoming successful. Before I mentioned that there are lots of “gurus” on the internet trying to sell you the secret to their success. There are a lot of scammers that do this. I’m not saying that they are all scammers. But, being able to trust a training provider is your first step to starting your business.

I did lots of research in to affiliate marketing training before I started. During this time I learned how to avoid “gurus”, but in the process I found a training platform that I trusted enough to sign up to, called Wealthy Affiliate.

I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training platform around. When I was deciding what my online business was going to be, I signed up to the Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. This gave me the chance to try out the training and actually build two websites without any cost at all.

I liked that all I had to do was give my email address to sign up. There is no obligation to carry on with the training or to hand any money over. This is exactly what I was looking for, as I still hadn’t made my mind up if affiliate marketing is what I wanted to do.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just about training though. It is a sort of one-stop shop for your business. It also has website hosting, support, site security and access to the community of other affiliate marketers that are only too keen to help out with problems and questions. 

How Much Money Can You Make in Affiliate Marketing? - Answered!

So, now you have the answer to the question “How Much Money Can You Make in Affiliate Marketing?”. As you can see it is not black and white. It is impossible to say “work 40 hours per week for 3 months and you will earn $XXXX”. The quick answer is it depends on lots of things, but realistically it will take 12 months to start seeing success. But, knowledge and training will make the process shorter and more enjoyable. It is a marathon not a sprint.

What do you think? Are you an affiliate marketer or thinking about becoming one? Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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