How To Earn Money By Working At Home

How To Earn Money By Working At Home

Earning money by working at home is something anyone can do. From topping up your bank account to creating a sustainable business that will allow you to lead the best lifestyle you can. In this post I am going to tell you how to earn money by working at home and what it takes.

You can earn little amounts of money, by filling in surveys and doing data entry jobs. But, I want to concentrate on sustainable businesses. This is because, with the amount of time and effort you need to put into making significant sums of money, you might as well do it properly and have good earning potential with your own business.

One of the great things about starting your own online business is that you can work on it alongside your current employment. This is because, in many cases, you don’t have to work at specific times. For example, when I started my online business, I worked on it after work and at weekends until I could leave my job.

Advantages Of Working At Home

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Before I go in to how to earn money by working at home, I want to share with you the benefits you can enjoy by doing so. Some will be obvious, but there may be ones that you hadn’t thought of.

Choose Your Working Hours

I have already briefly touched on this, but by being able to work on your business at any time, gives you lots of freedom. By working for somebody else, you have to wait for your days off to do other things. Whether that be fun stuff or practical stuff.

People that can take advantage of this freedom can have other income streams, enjoy life, look after their kids or work on other projects.

You just need to remember that you still need to be productive to make your business successful. This is not an excuse for slacking off.

Financial Security

It takes a while to get your business established, but once you do, you can generate other income streams. This means that you are not reliant on just one, as most people are when they are in full-time employment. If you lose your job, you have to find another one. If you have your own online business with different methods of earning money, you have a backup if one of them struggles for some reason.

You Can Work From Anywhere

All you need is a computer and an internet connection, so if you have these, you can work from any location.

There are lots of people that benefit from this flexibility. For example, you can work from camper vans, while you are travelling, from the beach, or in my case from the mountains. But, you don’t have to be the type of person that roams the world like a digital hobo. You may live a long way from a town and find it difficult to get a decent paid job locally, or you may want to work from home for any other reason.

Great Earning Potential

The internet gives you access to a worldwide market. This means, in most cases there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn. You just need to put the right amount of effort in to the right places.

Potential For Passive Income

The other advantage of having access to a worldwide market, is that you have potential customers that can spend money at any time in any time zone. This means you can wake up to money in your bank account.

In some cases, you can create content that has the potential to earn you money for months or years to come.

No Workplace Politics

No matter where I have worked, there has always been some kind of issue. It may be some kind of scandal, somebody letting the team down or somebody that is just really annoying. You don’t have this problem when working at home, you can just put on your favourite radio station and just work peacefully with no drama.

In addition to this, you don’t have a boss telling you what to do. Everything is down to you to build your business how you want it. Sometimes you can feel a bit lost without the guidance, but you don’t have to do things you don’t agree with.

Low Startup Costs

Many people that want to start their own business find it difficult, due to high startup costs. But, most online business models are much cheaper than starting traditional bricks and mortar businesses.

In most cases, all you need is a computer that is connected to the internet and a hosted website to start. There will be other things to pay for later on, such as business tools, better website themes etc.

Ways To Earn Money By Working At Home

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I am now going to go into some proven business models that online entrepreneurs use to earn money from home, or from wherever they decide to base themselves. I have had some experience with all of these, so you are getting the information straight from the horses mouth.

Affiliate Marketing

As you can probably tell from the name of this website, I spend the majority of my time on affiliate marketing. This is a great business model that allows you to make money from promoting other people’s products and services.

How Does It Work?

You promote products and services by posting content on to your website. Examples of content are reviews, buyer’s guides, tutorials and comparisons. 

It is pretty easy to get started in affiliate marketing. But, the challenges involve creating enough quality content in the right ways. This is because your content needs to be targeted to what people are searching for online about a specific topic.

For this reason, your website needs to be based around a particular niche. Niches are groups of people with an interest in a particular thing. This could be a sport, hobby, aspect of life or past-time. Therefore, your content should be as helpful as possible. By creating content that answers people’s questions, you will attract them without the need to pay for adverts.

The more people that visit your website, the more money you will make, through affiliate links. You get affiliate links from joining affiliate programs. You place them within your content, and when someone clicks on one, they are taken to the website where they can buy the product or service. The affiliate program tracks the sales made through your website and rewards you your commission. Commissions vary between 1 and 75% of the sales price, depending on the affiliate program. So, imagine the money you could earn from selling big-ticket items.

What I like about affiliate marketing, is the flexibility it gives me to enjoy life and work on other things. But, I also like the passive income element. It is great to have created content that has the potential to earn me money at any time for months or years.

For a full rundown on how it works and how to get started, check out my post How can I make money from affiliate marketing.

Blog Writing

Blogs are used to attract traffic to a business’s website. They inform, entertain and educate their customer base. Blogs also help businesses build brand awareness, provide social media content and attract new customers. Blogs take time to write, therefore, it can be difficult for them to publish quality blogs regularly while completing day-to-day tasks. Therefore, they employ blog writers to do it for them. By getting people to write blogs, they save themselves time while getting great marketing material.

How Does It Work?

There are a couple of ways that you can get started in writing blogs for businesses. The first way is to find a business that you would like to work with and have a look at their social media efforts. Then, you should come up with some ideas and approach them. It is a good idea to do some keyword research for the industry your client operates in. This is so you can come up with some great content titles for your clients that will actually attract traffic.

Writing blogs for businesses is something that I am getting more into as an additional income stream.  I do this for local businesses and also through Fiverr. Fiverr is a platform where freelancers can advertise their services. It is a great resource for many reasons, and it even has training courses to help you with blog writing.

If you have a way with words, I recommend that you create a Fiverr account and offer your services. Alternatively, you can approach businesses you would like to work with, with your ideas and explain to them why they should have a blog page on their website. To be a truly effective blog writer, you need to have some SEO skills. This isn’t too complex, but when your customers see results from SEO friendly blogs, you will build a good reputation and get more work. 

Social Media Management

Social media is extremely important to businesses, as it keeps people informed, increases customer base and makes sure that the business continues to be in people’s minds.

Similar to blog writing, businesses find it difficult to find time to post regular content on their social media channels. If you are good with social media, this is where your skills come in. By managing businesses social media accounts, you can earn up to $1,000 per customer, depending on what they want you to do. You can also make life much easier for yourself by using the various scheduling tools available.

How Does It Work?

Social media management is another thing you can approach businesses with. You need to research the social media efforts of businesses you would like to work with and come up with a strategy for them. This is another service you can advertise on Fiverr. If this sounds like something you would like to do, check out my guide on how to start a social media marketing business.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a way of selling products online without having to buy them in advance. In fact, you don’t have to touch them at all. 

How Does It Work?

I go into all the details in my post, how to start a drop shipping business, but in summary, it works like this:

  • You create an online store with several products available for the public to buy
  • When someone buys a product, you place the order with the supplier (usually in China)
  • The supplier ships the product to the customer for you.

You make money by selling the product with a much higher price than you pay the supplier (usually around 300%).

The tricky part is getting your online store in front of potential customers. This is done by using targeted social media adverts. To do this effectively, you need to use quite a lot of trial and error, which costs money. But, once you get it right, the amount of money you can make is ridiculous.

Build Your Own Blog

By building your own blog, you can attract traffic and make money from it in a few different ways.

How Does It Work?

Bloggers tend to use their blogs as a form of social media. They document what they are up to and about the things they are interested in. There are bloggers that focus on a particular interest (or niche), such as food, travel, eco-friendly matters, sports, hobbies etc. Check out my guide on how to make money from blogging for the details, but once a blogger gets a good following, they can monetise their blog several ways, such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling memberships
  • Selling digital products (music, photos, courses, ebooks, etc)
  • Selling physical products 
  • Advertising space

The challenge with building a blog is that it takes time to build a presence. good social media skills will help you with this, but be prepared to work hard and be patient.

What It Takes To Earn Money By Working At Home

Hard Work

Just because you can choose your working hours, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to put the effort in. I often work late at night to make sure that I have been productive enough each week. This is because I have to make sure that my customers are happy while continuing to create enough content for my affiliate marketing websites.


Good organisation skills will allow you to be more productive, and are crucial for being able to choosing your own working hours. Make a plan of what you want to achieve each week and make sure you stick to it as best you can.


There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. If an online guru tells you he has the secret to overnight success in his ebook or course, ignore it. It takes time to make money in business. Just because yours is online, it doesn’t make the process any quicker. You have fewer overheads, which made it easier to start, but significant amounts of money won’t come quickly.


By being consistent over time, you will become successful. This goes hand in hand with being patient. For example, by creating quality content as often as possible, your customers will be happy and search engines will see you as a good source of information, making it easier for your content to rank. Also, the more content you have, the more people are going to see it, which will make you more money.


You have to go to have a bit of hustle about you. For example, if you are dealing with customers as a blog writer, offer a discount package on several blogs, rather than just selling them a one-off. This will give you more work and money.
You can also look for different ways to monetise your website that fit in with what you are doing. Try to capitalise on the traffic you get, without being over the top or placing too many adverts in your content….keep it classy.

That Is How To Earn Money By Working At Home

So now you have a few examples of proven business models to get you started. Make sure that whichever pone you choose fits in with your life. This is because you don’t want to start something that you won’t enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t put enough effort into it and your quality of work will be poor. If you have any thoughts or questions about these business models, please leave them in the comments section below.

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