How To Get Backlinks For Your Site

How To Get Backlinks For Your Site

Backlinks are links from one website to another. You really want to get links to your website on to other websites. This is because it directs traffic to you, but it also helps with SEO. Websites with a high number of back links tend to rank higher in search engines. This is because search engines see that a website with loads of quality backlinks as a trustworthy source of information, that other people are happy to endorse by linking to it.

What Is So Important About Backlinks?

Backlinks act as votes from other websites that let search engines know that your content is informative and useful. Therefore, the more backlinks you have, the better your website will look to search engines.

Should I Just Get Backlinks From Anyone?

No, not all backlinks offer the same benefits. In fact, some are actually bad for your rankings. Therefore, you need quality backlinks, as one great backlink is better than lots of poor ones. There are a few characteristics that backlinks should have:

They Need To Come From Websites With Authority And Trust

A big website that is well established and with lots of traffic, it is said to have good domain authority. By getting a backlink on a website with great domain authority, your website looks great in the eyes of the Google gods, as that domain authority is passed on to you from the link.

It is very difficult to get links from authority websites, but it is definitely worth doing.

Your Target Keyword Should Be In The Anchor Text

The anchor text is the visible text in the link. Ideally, your keyword for the page that the website is linking to should be included in the anchor text. This is much better than having the anchor text of “click here to read about XXXX”.

However, don’t go silly with shoehorning the anchor text in to the backlinks. This is because Google has an algorithm that filters out websites that try to cheat the system with black hat techniques.

The Other Website Needs To Be Relevant

The website that links to yours, needs to be relevant to the content on your website. It doesn’t make sense to have a link on a website about power tools if your website is based around home baking.

It Needs To Be A Dofollow Link

If the link is set to be a nofollow, Google will ignore it. This means they are useless and make no difference to SEO. However, most links are set to nofollow by default.

It Needs To Be From A Website That Hasn't Linked Before

It doesn’t help if the same website links to you many times. In fact they become more ineffective the more there is. So it is best to have a few links from multiple websites with authority than loads from the same website. 

What Do I Need To Do To Get Good Backlinks?

Give People Something To Link To

You need to create something that other websites will want to link to. These are known as linkable assets and can include:

  • Blogs
  • Video
  • Software 
  • etc

Your linkable assists are mainly blog posts. This is why SEO and content creation is so important. And by creating content that is helpful, you stand a better chance of somebody linking to it to help explain what they are writing about.

Link Roundups

There are blogs out there that their sole purpose, is to provide roundups of quality content. These are regularly posted blogs that link to quality content for certain niches.

You can easily find these blogs with a Google search for roundup blogs within your niche. Then politely ask them to include the piece of content you want a backlink for. If it is good enough, they will include it and you will get a quality backlink. They may even share it through their social media channels.

Find Outdated Content

This is quite labour intensive, but it could be well worth your time.

First look for web pages that is out of date. This could be from rebranded websites or ones that have recently changed their names. Then look for websites that still link to these outdated resources. Once you have done this, email the website, informing them that the content is out of date, but you have a created some content that is more up to date and send them the link.

Find Broken Links

This is similar to the method above, but in this case you are looking for pages with 404 errors.

You can do this by using tools such as this broken link checker or this Chrome ExtensionThis will allow you to enter the URL of a website that you would like a backlink on and tell you where the 404s are. Inform the website and give them an up to date link that will replace the broken one.

Guest Posting

By writing a guest blog for a authority website, you can get a good backlink. This is very time consuming, so you need to be picky with who you write for. You need to write for quality websites within your niche. It is very important to stay within your niche, as writing a blog on fridges when your website is based around rock climbing is seen as spammy to Google.

It can be really difficult to find websites to guest blog on. But there is a great way to find them easily.

  1. Find someone that posts regularly about your niche. This could be on twitter, websites you have seen etc.
  2. Take a screen shot of their profile picture and do a reverse google search on the image.
  3. You will get a list of posts that they have created on various websites. These websites may be open to new guest bloggers.
  4. Contact these websites, offering to write a blog for them in return for a backlink.


how to get backlinks to your site

If you have a load of quality photos, upload them to Flickr. This is a image sharing website, where you can sell images, but you can also allow other websites to use them. In return for using your images, other websites need to reference the source, i.e. your website.


People love infographics. They are a really good way of keeping your audience’s attention and to easily display information. People find them and use them within their content, referencing your website. They can also be found on Google images, which is useful for when people are researching certain topics. If your infographic is good enough, it will be used.

Get Reviews From Bloggers

For those of you with a product, service, training course or anything of value, you can easily get loads of backlinks. Search for bloggers within your niche and send them a product or a link to something they may be interested in, such as:

  • A guide to something within the niche
  • A link to a course you have created
  • an eBook
  • etc

By doing this you have the potential to have a broad range of backlinks. However, be careful on how you go about this. If you offer the product in return for a backlink, you will violate Google’s guidelines. Therefore, let the recipient decide for themselves if they want to mention it in their blog. This is a more natural way of doing it rather than forcing it and making it look false.

Reclaim Your Links

This is quite a simple way of getting backlinks on websites that have mentioned you, but not linked to your website. By sending them a polite reminder, they can add the link.

You are probably wondering how you find out if people are talking about you, but don’t worry, there are a couple of tools you can use.

These will let you0 know if people are writing about you and where you get a mention. When you know about the mention, you can contact the website to ask them if they can drop a backlink in to the content.


HARO can be a great way of getting backlinks. HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and is an email list you can sign up to. You get an email twice per day with a list of subjects journalists are writing about, but need help with. You can respond to the requests and give them the information they need and they will reference your website.

Look At What Your Competitors Are Doing

This takes a bit of time, but you can find some opportunities for backlinks. By running competitors websites through a backlink checker, you can see where the backlinks come from. This will let you know the websites that actively backlink. From this point, you should contact them and pitch yourself as a guest blogger etc.

That Is How To Get Backlinks For Your Site

By following the techniques I have outlined on this post, you should be able to get some good backlinks and increase your domain authority. Please let me know how you get on and if you know of any other ways of doing this, please let me know in the comments section below.

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