How To Live Adventurously: 5 Steps and Top Tips

How To Live Adventurously: 5 Steps and Top Tips

As you have found this post, you are seeking ways on how to live adventurously. You have probably seen loads of instagram pictures of people standing on top of mountains, on a deserted island or paragliding in a far flung corner of the planet. You will also be thinking about how these people do it. There are lots of ways, some people get lucky, others try hard and others are just plain faking it. But, here I will give you top tips and steps for you to live your own adventurous lifestyle.

The Back story

Before I get in to the nitty gritty of living adventurously, I need to tell you a little about me. My last job in the UK was designing high voltage electric motors. These drove pumps, compressors, crushers and pushed ships along. It started off pretty good, but I very rarely saw what I had designed and sold to customers.

My job was fine but wasn’t setting my world on fire. I was always looking to see how I could start my own business or make a significant change to make my life more interesting.  For example, my wife Carolyn and I always said that if something happened to one of our jobs, we would ditch it all and go snowboarding for a season. Carolyn got made redundant, so cutting a long story short, we moved to the alps and never looked back.

I worked for a couple of holiday companies and got a year round job. This is very rare and difficult to find. But, I was missing out on powder days sitting in the office. So I started my affiliate marketing business.

I have travelled a bit, but only for a couple of weeks at a time. I also worked a winter season when I was younger. But what I do here in the mountains is bloody good fun. I snowboard all winter and mountain bike and hike the rest of the time. I am not saying that this is the most adventurous thing that anyone has done, but I am more than happy with my choice of lifestyle.

How To Live Adventurously

Here are my top tips and steps to living adventurously. In fact, it is just a guide to living the life you really want. You may be happy where you are, but want more out of life. These tips are relevant to anyone that wants to make a change.

1. Desire and Motivation

The first step is to want to make a change. If you at a point in your life that makes you think “there must be more to life than this”, you have got to the first stage. To live adventurously, you need to really want it.

For me, I was reading specifications for electric motors all day and dreaming about my next snowboard holiday. Additionally, I was remembering the days when I worked my first winter season. Carolyn and I spent our weekends mountain biking and Wakeboarding, but it wasn’t enough for either of us.

When Carolyn was made redundant, I could have carried on with my job, but it wouldn’t have been the right thing to do for either of us. We wanted change so much, we took the gamble and left.

You need to really want to live adventurously

Letting go of what is holding you back his super important. In my case it was job security and a big comfortable house. Everyone will have an excuse to not make a change. However, your desire to make a change meeds to be stronger.

Being adventurous, means that you need to bring those adventurous feelings to the surface. This makes you mentally free and willing to experience life to the full.

2. Choose Your Adventure

This is where you determine what  you want to do in your adventurous lifestyle. Do you want to go back packing, live in a camper van or simply move to the seaside?

Whatever you decide, you need to commit to doing it. Along with your desire and motivation, committing to it will get you there. Telling people about it confirms that you are committed to going on your adventure. Some people will put you down for it. This is because they don’t understand, so ignore them.

Pick your adventure and ignore the haters

It is good to have someone to aspire to. For example do you know a certain person and wish you could do what they do? Well you can, they are not living the dream by accident.

3. Take Action

Now you have committed to living adventurously, you need to make the first steps to making it happen. This may not be easy or quick, but you need to do everything possible to make it happen. Save up, start your own online business like I did or get the necessary qualifications.

The biggest problem you will find at this stage is the “what ifs”. What if I don’t like it?, what if something bad happens?, what if I get home sick? You won’t know until you try. Make small steps every day to get you to live adventurously. 

Get on with it!

You can’t have an adventurous life while watching talent shows on TV and playing computer games. Start with small steps, they will progress to bigger ones and ultimately to your goal. This may take months or years, but at least you are moving in the right direction. Your first step could be as simple as creating a bucket list, which will give you loads of goals to aim for.

4. Be Open to Opportunities and Ideas

There will be people that will try to put you down, but there will be more that support you. Once you open up about your plans, people will give you loads of ideas. Some of the ideas will be terrible, but others will be great. Some people will share experiences with you. They may even be able to put you ion contact with other that can help. You never when an opportunity will crop up.

Listen to advice

You will need to be able to fund this new adventurous lifestyle. Working in a new environment can be great fun, but so can working online. This gives you flexibility to experience everything on your adventure.

5. Keep at it

Some changes in life are harder than others, but whatever you do don’t stop working towards it. If you do, you will have wasted all the time and effort you already put in. Also, once you are living your adventurous lifestyle, there will be hard times. Taking the easy way out could be the worst mistake you will ever make. You really don’t want to be thinking “what if I had tried again?” or “why didn’t I carry on?”.

Don’t stop

Perseverance will always give you better results than taking the easy way out.

how to live adventurously

Bonus Tips

  • Ask your friends to remind you that you are trying to be more adventurous
  • Try something new and exciting that puts you out of your comfort zone
  • Meet new people that have the potential to teach you something new that can open your life to adventure.
  • Talk to people. Their stories of adventure can be very motivating.
  • Adventures make you more interesting, everyone loves a story
  • Improve your fitness. Most of the time an adventurous lifestyle requires physical effort for fantastic rewards.

That is How to Live Adventurously

I hope that this has helped you in deciding on how you can live adventurously, or to just make a positive change in your life. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “How To Live Adventurously: 5 Steps and Top Tips

  • 28/05/2019 at 7:45 pm

    So many people dream, or not even that. They are all talk. But only a few of them actually take the means to follow their dreams. Pinpointing your goal and making that your life. Even if you don’t make it. Atleast you won’t have the regrets later on that you never tried. 

    I feel like this needs to be a gradual progress filled with determination. From day 1 give it you all. You will fall many times, but each time look at what made you fall and make sure you don’t trip the next time because of that reason. Eventually you will fall less and less and get satisfying results.

    • 28/05/2019 at 7:51 pm

      Hi Faheem,

      Thanks for your comment. I feel if you try hard enough you can get to where you want to be.


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