How To Make Money From Blogging Online

How To Make Money From Blogging Online

The term blogging is quite broad. This is because people blog for a variety of reasons, from sharing their personal experiences to building a sustainable business from it. There are people all over the world enjoying a fantastic lifestyle from blogging and you can do it too. In this post, I am going to reveal how to make money from blogging online. You may be surprised that there are several ways you can do this. 

Types Of Blogging

First, I am going to go through the different types of bloggers and what they do.

Personal Blogging

Personal blogging is usually used as an online diary as a form of social media. Personal blogs are also used to share something that has affected them. Personal bloggers spend about 15 minutes per day to write about their personal experiences. Often, personal bloggers will write about their personal lives, but others will concentrate on a particular interest they have, such as a sport or hobby.

Celebrities use personal blogs to let their fans know more about them and to get an idea of their personalities. They also blog about what they are passionate about or difficulties they are going through.

Business Blogging

Business blogging is a marketing tactic that gives businesses more visibility. Businesses will either do this themselves, or they will pay somebody to do it for them.

Business blogs are found on a business’s website and are based around what the business does or the industry it operates in.. You can learn more about this in my post why doesn’t my website need a blog?, but in general the more posts a website has with relevant content to their audience, the better chance you have of getting good rankings, which will increase website traffic.

Content can vary from overviews of the service the business provides to answering questions potential customers will have. An example of business blogging is something I do for a local holiday company. I write a blog every month that will appeal to potential holidaymakers. The blogs inform holidaymakers about what they would experience when they stay with the company and about all the things they can do here in the French Alps.

Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate blogging is where I spend most of my efforts. This is where you write blogs that promote other people’s products and services in return for sales commissions. Your sales are tracked using affiliate links. I will go into how this works shortly.

Affiliate bloggers attract people to their website by creating content that helps people out with problems they may have. Reviews, buyer’s guides, tutorials and comparisons are examples of the different kinds of blogs you will find on an affiliate website. To learn more about it check out my post why and how affiliate marketing works.

Affiliate blogging has huge earning potential, but it has to be done in the right way. My post how to make money in affiliate marketing for beginners for more information.

Freelance Blogging

Freelance blogging is when you provide a service of blogging for businesses. You can make a nice living from writing blogs for businesses. It is a good idea to focus on a particular industry or type of business. This way you can specialise in a field.

To become a freelance blogger, you need to build up a portfolio of work. In the early days, you may need to write some blogs for free to get started. I recommend that you create a Fiverr account to get freelance work.

Fiverr is a platform where freelancers can advertise their services and make money for all sorts of things, including blogging. This is something I have recently got in to and I can see that there is a lot of potential, once you stand out from the competition.

There are a lot of freelance bloggers on Fiverr, but you can make yourself stand out by creating a good profile, creating classy looking gigs and pricing yourself just right. Don’t go too cheap, as people won’t take you seriously and don’t go too expensive, as people won’t pay.

How To Monetise A Blog

If you start your own blog, either as a personal blog or a professional blog, there are many different ways to monetise it.


It is possible to make money from blogging by placing advertisements within your content. There are two different types of adverts you need to know about:

Pay Per Click – PPC adverts are usually placed as banners on each of your blog posts. When the banner is clicked on, the blogger gets a small amount of money.

CPM – CPM stands for “cost per 1000 impressions”. With these types of adverts, the blogger gets paid a certain amount of money depending on how many times the advert is seen.

The most popular way to drop these adverts on to blog posts is with Google Adsense. It is very simple to do, as you just add a small piece of code to your website and the banner is placed on your pages. It automatically shows adverts relevant to your content or the website visitor’s interests and search history.

As a blogger, you can also sell advertising space. When blogs get lots of traffic and a good following, businesses will approach bloggers requesting for their adverts to be placed within their posts.

It also works the other way round, with bloggers contacting relevant businesses offering advertising space. With private adverts, bloggers can set their price for placing adverts.

Affiliate Links

I mentioned affiliate links earlier. Depending on what type of blog you have, this can be the best way to monetise your blog. If you write about personal experiences, products services, you can drop affiliate links into your content.

Affiliate links take website visitors to a supplier of a product or service you are recommending. This could be a hotel, an airline, Amazon products, online fitness courses etc. You get affiliate links through affiliate programs. My post what is an affiliate program and how does it work? explains it in detail, but if you can think of something that you can buy online, there is a good chance that there is an affiliate program for it.

The links track click and sales through your blog to the supplier’s website. The affiliate program will then reward you for your efforts. Depending on the affiliate program and the product, you can earn from 1 to 75% of the sales price of a product.

Selling Digital Products

Bloggers with certain skill sets can make money by creating digital products to sell. Examples of these digital products are:

  • eBooks
  • Online courses
  • Music 
  • Photographs
  • Fitness workouts
  • Software
  • Apps
  • Videos

If you have the appropriate skills to sell any of these types of products, you have a good chance of making a very good living from it. These are things that you can create once and sell many times over.

Sell Memberships

An alternative to selling digital products is to sell memberships to a restricted area of your website. People that pay for memberships get access to your exclusive content. This content could be similar to the digital products above.

Become An Authority

Bloggers can build trust and become an authority in a certain field. A successful blogger can become a recognised figure that people go to for answers on a particular subject. This may lead to financial opportunities, such as book deals, co-writing, training seminars or public speaking.

This isn’t making money directly from blogging, but it works for some people and can be very lucrative, especially if they can sell their successful website or brand.

Tips For Creating A Successful Blog

To create a successful blog, there are a few things that you need to do. There is also a certain mindset that you need to have. In essence, you need to be very consistent and patient before you make any significant amount of money.

But you need to remember that you will be creating content based on things that you are interested in. This makes the work a bit easier to commit to and it also makes it enjoyable.

1. Create Quality Content

Blog websites are built up of lots of content. Therefore, at its core your content needs to fulfil two objectives:

  • Appeal to your audience
  • Appeal to search engines

Your audience wants to read useful content that helps them or entertains them in some way. But, your content won’t be read if it doesn’t get put in front of your intended audience. Therefore, your blogs need to be seen by search engines as relevant to what people are looking for. 

You also need to create content regularly. This is another way to appeal to both your audience and to search engines. Posting regularly demonstrates that you are a good source of information. Search engines will realise this and make your content rank highly.

2. Learn SEO Techniques

To make sure that your content gets in front of your intended audience, you need to employ some good SEO techniques. These are not complicated to learn, but they are essential to your success. 

3. Set Up A Mailing List

By creating a mailing list, you will be able to update your followers directly, via their inbox. This is a great way of engaging with your audience. The people that sign up to a mailing list have a real interest in what you have to say, therefore they respect you as an authority.

4. Get Good Webhosting

Many bloggers will go for the cheapest web hosting they can find. This isn’t necessarily a good idea, especially if you are planning on making a living from blogging. Cheap hosts are often unreliable and slow, which will affect your income. I recommend Bluehost as a reasonably priced, fast and reliable web host.

5. Get Some Training

If you are just creating a basic blog, you will be able to find the information you need online. But if you want to make some money out of it, I recommend that you get some training.

I talked about affiliate marketing as one of the best ways to make money from blogging. There are three different ways that you can learn about affiliate marketing. I go through them in my post how to learn about affiliate marketing.

That Is How To Make Money From Blogging Online

I hope that this has shed some light on the world of blogging and people make money from it. I also hope it has helped you make a decision if you have been considering blogging as a form of income.

Making money from blogging isn’t easy, but it is one of the most reputable ways of making money online. If you have any questions or thoughts about blogging, please let me know in the comments below.

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