How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business

Everyone in business knows how important it is to have a good social media presence these days.  However, some businesses find it difficult to create enough quality content for their social media channels. This is because owners and employees sometimes find it hard to find the time to slot it in to their day to day tasks. This is why there is a growing number of businesses that are outsourcing their social media efforts to people that have a flair for creating content to drive traffic to their website. This type of business is growing ever more popular, so here is my guide on how to start a social media marketing business.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Business?

A social media marketing business is a one of those businesses that you can start as a freelancer. The benefits that a business wants to see from outsourcing their social media efforts are:


Social media marketing businesses act as agencies to market companies products on services through their social media channels. By creating social media strategies, they build and a brand’s presence to get as much attention from the public as possible.

Building and Promoting The Brand

A social media agency should have good knowledge of social media trends in order to take their client’s brand to the next level. By knowing where to start and what type of content to post a social media agency will be able to put the brand in front of its target audience. 

Promoting the brand is the main objective of a social media business. They should know all about promoting the brand on the usual social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But, they should also know how the brand can be promoted on Flickr, Pintrest etc. They should also have their finger on the pulse to understand emerging social media networks such as TikTok.

Attracting Customers

A social media business should attract new customers for their clients, no matter how big or small they are. Their efforts will make their clients more accessible to new customers. This is done through content creation, liking, sharing, interacting etc. By grabbing the attention of potential customers, they will create opportunities to gain more customers or clientele.

Analysing The Competition

By knowing who their client’s competitors are, social media businesses will be able to keep an eye on their social media strategies, ensuring that they will be able to stay ahead of them. This will ensure that their brands exposure will be ahead or at least on a par with them.

Time Saving

The main reason for outsourcing social media management, is down to time. Companies get bogged down with their day to day work and often neglect their social media. By hiring a social media business, they don’t have to worry about their social media presence, while getting on with what they do best.

Starting Your Social Media Business

Step 1 - Make Sure It Is For You

Before you set up your social media business, you need to be totally honest with yourself. Can you see yourself doing this as a job? Are you willing and able to represent a number of businesses, do all opt the above while enjoying it?

If you are passionate about social media management, you will make a success out of it. If not, you will do a bad jobs and upset a lot of people. 

Step 2 - Get Educated

You won’t know everything when you start out, but you need to know enough to get you going. The thing with social media, is that it is always changing and there is always something new to learn. Learn all about each platform by reading and watching lots of videos. When you talk to potential clients, you need to sell yourself as someone that knows what they are doing and who will help build their brand.

Step 3 - Get Some Experience

Personally, I managed the social media for my previous employer (and still do as a freelancer), which is a ski chalet company . I was working as a chalet host at the time and noticed that they didn’t do a lot when it came to their social media channels. So, I offered to look after them for the owners, as I could create lots of content while snowboarding and hanging around town. By doing this, I could attract a larger audience and help sell more holidays.

If offering to look after your employer’s social media is not possible, you can offer to look after a local business’s social media for free. This will give you the experience and you will have a proven track record of doing some great work.

Step 4 - Sort Out Your Own Social Media

If your own social media is bad, you won’t convince potential clients that you are any good. Make sure that your content is well organised, regularly updated and good quality. If you don’t have lots of followers, don’t worry, they will come over time.

Step 5 - Choose A Niche

Once you are established as a social media expert, you will be able to expand in to multiple areas. But in the beginning, it is a good idea to specialise in a niche. For example, you could specialise in representing holiday companies, bike shops, car dealerships etc.

Step 6 -Work Out How Much You Are Going To Charge

Before you start talking to potential clients, you need to decide how much you are going to charge them. It is a good idea to charge them per hour. Usually the rate is between $20 and $40 per hour depending on your expertise.

Your schedule will vary all the time. Sometimes you will do more than the agreed time, and sometimes you will do less. This will all depend on how efficient you are and if you use scheduling tools. However, the hours you put in will balance themselves out over the weeks and months. But you need to make sure your clients get value for money.

Step 7 - Network

Visit as many local businesses as you can to offer your services. Also, aim to get to as many networking events as possible. These are great places to start when building a social media business. By going to business breakfasts, cocktail evenings and networking clubs, you can meet lots of potential clients to work with.

BONUS TIP: I recently saw a great tip from Gary Vaynerchuk. He says that you should text everyone in your phone and ask them if they know of anyone that may need some help with their marketing. This is a surprisingly good tactic for finding clients.

Step 8 - Offer A Social Media Health Check

By offering this as a free service you will create lots of opportunities. There are a few online tools that make this easier such as Khoros. These free health checks are great to find an “in” with potential clients.

Step 9 - Find PR and Marketing Companies

By partnering up with digital PR companies, you can find more clients. This is because they already have clients that need their social media looked after. Additionally, contact SEO, media buying, PR and web design companies for the same reason. You may even be able to be a sub contractor to these companies to manage the social media of their clients under their name.

Step 10 - Find People To Help

Once you are becoming established, you will be able to make your workload more efficient, by employing people. This will help you focus on the bigger picture of expanding your business. Your team could be made up of:

  • A web designer – To make sure your website is up to date with current trends
  • Lead generator – To find new clients to work with
  • Social media specialist – To help you in your day to day tasks and to keep on top of tracking the performance of your client’s accounts
  • Content creator – To create content for your own social media and to write blogs. Blogs are a great way to keep your website up to date and to inform your audience of what you are up to. They are also a good source of income by selling them to your clients.

That Is How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business

This is just one of the online businesses you can choose to make a living with. It may not be as flexible as others, but it may suit you and your skills. Please let me know what your thoughts and questions on this subject are in the comments section below.

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