How To Start Affiliate Marketing At Home: Everything you need to know

How To Start Affiliate Marketing At Home: Everything you need to know

I am going to assume that you are interested in affiliate marketing, but are only just looking in to starting your own business. With this post, I am going to take you through all the steps on how to start affiliate marketing at home. By the end of this post, you will know what you need to do to start your own online business with an affiliate marketing website.

Before I got in to affiliate marketing, I knew nothing about these steps. Everything I am about to tell you has been learned from an excellent training course and by actually doing it. I will also share some top tips that I learned over time. Hopefully, these will prevent you making the same mistakes I did, so you can get earning money sooner.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Before I get in to all the steps, I want to clarify what affiliate marketing is and how it works. Affiliate marketing is promoting other peoples products and services. In return you get a percentage of the sales price, simple!……Kind of.

How it Works

How to Make Money by Affiliate Marketing
  1. Someone has a problem that needs solving or a question answering. This maybe to make a decision on a purchase. So, they take to the internet to search for an answer to their problem.
  2. You have a website with the relevant information they are looking for. Because a post on your website is seen to be the most relevant by the search engine used, your post is at the top or on the first page of their search.
  3. Your post makes a suggestion for a recommended purchase and the customer clicks on your link to that particular product.
  4. That link is an “affiliate link”. This means it is tracked and if the customer buys the product, you can get 1 to 75% of the sales value (depending on the affiliate program).

Affiliate marketing is a very cool business model. Advertisers only pay out when a sale is made and marketers can make passive income.

Choosing A Niche

A niche is a group of people with a similar interest. Your affiliate marketing website should target a specific niche. Many people (including myself) have fallen in to the trap of choosing a niche far too broad, in the hope of appealing to more people. But this just creates more competition for yourself. Therefore, a narrow niche that targets a smaller group of people is much better.

You can create a website for pretty much any niche, but some will be more successful than others. It is easy to say “I’m going to start a website, but this isn’t the way to do it. You really need to do some research before you start building your website.

If you check out my guide above, you will see all the steps to make sure your niche is the right one for you and your bank account. This is because you need to be creating content that people are actually looking for. When you are looking how to start affiliate marketing at home, this is an essential first step.

Building Your Website

When you have chosen your niche you need to build a website. You can do it the long way, or make life easier for yourself by doing what I did and join Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the training platform I use. It will show you how to build your website from scratch, starting with more detailed about choosing your niche.

Wealthy Affiliate makes life much easier for the home affiliate marketer. This is because it is a one stop shop for training, hosting, business tools and support. It allows you to build your website within a few seconds. But more about Wealthy Affiliate later.

How To Get Traffic For Free

As a beginner affiliate marketer, you probably don’t have the marketing budget to pay for Google adverts. The good thing is that you don’t need to do this if you create targeted content (this is why we have to choose a good niche). Traffic that comes to your website organically from search engines is the best traffic. It has cost you nothing and the website visitors are more likely to buy through your website. This is because they have found your website because it has the exact information they need.

The more targeted traffic you get, the more money you will make from your home business. You get this traffic by using words that people in your niche use in search engines. These words are called keywords and there are some great techniques to find them.

This guide takes you through the process of finding quality keywords. But, one of the main points is that you need a keyword research tool, such as Jaaxy. This is included with the Wealthy Affiliate membership (even the free one).

how to find an affiliate marketing niche

Jaaxy gives you the ability to see if a potential keyword is a good one. It does this by showing you how often it is searched for, how much traffic it attracts and hoe many other websites are using it. This is essential information that saves you lots of time and effort, as you will be able to see if it is worth creating content around that keyword.

Jaaxy is a very powerful tool. It has many features you will find useful. One feature I really like is is “site ranking”. This is where you can monitor each keyword and see how it is performing with regards to its position in search engines. If it drops, you know you need to do something about it, such as update it, or just make it more competitive.

If all this sounds complicated, it isn’t. But, it is all explained in the Wealthy Affiliate training, as is the best methods on creating your content.

Creating Content

Some people find the fact that they have to do lots of writing is daunting. But, there is nothing to worry about. There are certain techniques that are outlined in the Wealthy Affiliate training that help you create lots of quality content quickly.

Your content should be helpful to your readers. In essence, it should help them solve a problem they are having. For example, this post is giving you information on how to start affiliate marketing at home. But, content on your website my help people choose which laptop to buy, the best way to learn a musical instrument or how to find a life partner.

If you can help your audience love a problem, you will build trust with them. Which increases the likelihood that they will pay attention to what you are saying and take your recommendations, which will earn you money.

By creating your content in a certain way, you can attract more free traffic to your website. This is done with good SEO techniques.

Making Money

After, you have a niche chosen, a website built and keyword rich content, you need to monetise your website. So how do you do this? I mentioned affiliate links earlier and these are how you make money.

You need to find products or services to promote in your content. You can do this with a review of something you would recommend to the people within your niche. To earn money form the products or services you need to join an affiliate program. If you can think of a product, there is a very high chance that there will be an affiliate program for it. The easy example of an affiliate program is Amazon Associates.

Amazon has millions of products you can promote which will earn you from 1 to 10% of the sales value. The majority of products will earn you 4%. This might not seem much, but if you had a website promoting expensive items such as TVs, computers, fridges, GPS watches etc, you can make really good money.

Joining affiliate programs and networks is covered in Course 3 of the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Get Some Training

When you are looking for information on how to start affiliate marketing from home, you will come across lots of different training courses an ebooks. I was put off by most of them and nearly gave up. This is because it was so new to me and I understood that proper training for something new was so important. However, I didn’t trust the majority of the training providers. This was because they were giving me nothing before I handed over my credit card details. They were claiming to be gurus, but I had no inkling that what they were saying was true.

There is a lot of free information on the internet (such as this), but without a structured training course, it is easy to miss out essential steps on the process. This can cost you lots of time, as you won’t find out your mistakes for months. This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is comprehensive and easy to follow. At the end of each lesson, there are a set of tasks to complete before moving on to the next one. This ensures that you don’t miss anything out.

The reason that I chose Wealthy Affiliate, was the Free Membership. This gave me the chance to try out the platform and make the decision to carry on with affiliate marketing or not. This was important, as at the time I wasn’t entirely sure what to do for my home business. It was risk free, so I had nothing to lose apart from a bit of time playing with it.

The free membership gives you two free websites to play with. This is so you can start your business straight away, as you follow the training.

Of course the free membership is limited. So, if you decide to carry on, I recommend upgrading to the Premium Membership. This is not compulsory, but if you are serious about building your business, you should really go all in on it.

Things You Should Know And Top Tips

Now you know how to start affiliate marketing at home. But, before you go off and start building your website, there are a few things I want you to know.

It Takes Time

Affiliate marketing is a slow burner. It takes months of hard, consistent and quality work before you will even see a penny. It is not a get rich quick scheme for a few reasons. One of them is that search engines make you wait three to four months before your content starts ranking.

You Need To Keep Going

It can be soul destroying to put in all that work with no reward. But, it is part of the game. You just need to keep going. Most people give up before giving it a proper chance.

That is How to Start Affiliate Marketing at Home

These are all the things you need to know before starting your affiliate marketing business. But, training is the primary thing you need to take away form this. Without knowledge, you will struggle to get it going and it will take longer to make money from your efforts.

Please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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    This website has it all. I appreciate all the guts of affiliate marketing you shared. It is great for a beginner like me. I am fairly new to affiliate marketing and I can use all your pages to get more traffic and sales to my sites. Thank you and wishing you all the best. 


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    Great explanation of affiliate marketing here. It’s all about problem-solving like you’ve said so well. Solving a problem for the reader can be invaluable. Organic traffic is the best traffic for sure, even better than paid advertising one might argue. Even though you might not generate as many views as with paid advertising, you generate more worthwhile views with organic searches. Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate are both outstanding platforms and are highly recommended for anyone who is starting out with affiliate marketing. Readers should definitely check out the links to see what it’s all about, well done!

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