How To Write A Good Product Review: 15 top tips

How To Write A Good Product Review

Product reviews are the backbone of most affiliate marketing websites. The reviews that you write are what makes you money, so they have to give the reader the all the information they require. In this post, I am going to tell you how to write a good product review. I will be giving you all the necessary tips and methods you need to know about for your next product review.

1. Make Sure It Is Long Enough

It takes quite a while to write a good product review. It needs to be detailed enough to give your readers the necessary information they need to make a decision whether to buy the product or not. There is also another reason why your product review needs to be in-depth. Search engine algorithms look at how relevant content is to what people are searching for. The most relevant content will get to the top of the search results. It does this by looking at different aspects of your content, such as keywords used and the word count. Ideally, your word count should be over 1000 words.

2. Choose A Product

You need to choose the right product to review. Unfortunately there is not much point reviewing a product that nobody his looking for. Therefore, you need to see how many searches a potential product to review is getting. By using a keyword research tool such as Jaaxy, you can find out this information. It also give you the ability to see howe many other websites are using the same keyword, i.e. the name of the product.

The product you are reviewing should appeal to your audience. It should be something that they are interested in and something they may want to use.

3. Know Your Audience

You need to understand what information your audience finds valuable about the product you are reviewing. Therefore, your product review must include information about the things that the reader would find important. You need to talk about the aspects and features that are valuable to your audience. These should be how the reader will benefit from this product, what problems it will solve and answer any questions they will have.

4. Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy. Don’t start begging up a product you don’t believe in, just because you think you will make money from a sale. If you recommend a product, and users have bad experiences you will get a bad reputation and that is not something you can hide from on the internet.

If you genuinely believe that the product is great, recommend it, but give the reader the full story. This is because the circumstances you used the product in may different to theirs.

5. Make Sure You Have The Knowledge

To ensure that your product review is the best it can be, you really need to have used the product yourself. This will give it more credibility and will increase the trust your audience has in you.

However, I may not be possible to use the product, as you will have to buy it (at least in the early days of your review website). This won’t be possible for most people, as it will cost a lot of money. Therefore, you really need to gain enough knowledge to be able to analyse the product by looking at the features and characteristics it has. You also need to do a lot of reading of other reviews, such as the ones customers write on Amazon etc to get the best picture of the product you can.

6. Don't Rely On The Manufacturer's Marketing Material

While you are researching the product you are reviewing, you need to know the difference between actual critiques of it and manufacturer’s marketing material. This is because the marketing material will only tell you good things about the product. But, you need to know about the bad bits too, otherwise your review will be biased and may mislead your audience.

7. List The Pros & Cons

Always list the pros and cons of a product. This makes it really easy for your audience to weigh up the good and bad things about it. Many people won’t read all of the words in your review, but they will look at a table of pros and cons, a star rating and a summary of what you thought of it.

8. Include All The Features And Technical Details

Your reader is trying to decide if they want to buy the product you are reviewing. Therefore, they want to know all the details to see if it meets their requirements. This is where you should visit the manufacturer’s website. Often other websites or even the online store you are getting your affiliate link from, have incorrect information. I have been caught out by this in the past and had some snotty comments from readers.

Putting all the details in your review will give the reader the full picture of what they are buying. This will also mean that you don’t leave yourself open to criticism or accusations of false information.

9. Go Through The Steps On How To Use It

The reader probably hasn’t used the product you are reviewing. This is why you need to go through the features and functions associated with it.

If it an electrical item with different modes and menus? If so talk them through each mode, menu and button press.

Describe the outcome of using the product in detail. Did it work well using all the modes? Did you find certain features useless or vital to the required outcome of using it?

10. Compare

It is great if you can compare the products with alternatives. You may even recommend an alternative because it is better than the product you are actually talking about.

There is a good chance that your readers will have been looking at the alternatives already, or they are looking to replace something they have with what you are reviewing. Therefore, the reader can see which of the product will suit their needs more.

12. Enable Comments

It is a good idea to let your readers comment on your reviews. This is because they can ask questions, share their own experiences with the product or just add value to the content. Comments are good for both SEO and for your readers, as it means the post is alive and being interacted with.

13. Sign Off Properly

The last couple of paragraphs are where you can drop in your personal opinion on the product. It gives you the opportunity to speak a little more freely and to recap the on the points you have mentioned earlier in your review. Sum everything up in a final verdict.

14. Use Rich Snippets

You know when you see reviews on the Google search results, and they have star ratings next to them? This visual rating score is excellent for attracting visitors to your review. It makes your review stand out which increases your click through ratio and traffic. A high click through ratio (CTR) 

You get Rich Snippets by installing the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin. This is free and very easy to install. It is well worth doing to add extra appeal to your reviews.

15. Monetise Your Review

You need to be rewarded for your hard work with some cash! Pretty much any review you read online will have a “click here to buy” button or similar call to action. This button will take you to an online shop so you can buy the product.

The link that is hidden behind this button is unique to the reviewer and is referred to as an affiliate link. It tracks clicks and sales, so they can be rewarded for  for promoting the product.

To get an affiliate link for your review, you need to join an affiliate program. If you can think of a product for sale online, there is a good chance that there will be an affiliate program for it. This may be from an online shop, the products manufacturer or even Amazon. Amazon, is s good one to start with, as they sell millions of products and you can join the Amazon Associates program instantly.

That Is How To Write A Good Product Review

By ensuring that you add all of the elements above to your review, you can be assured that it will the best it can be. It should satisfy the needs of your readers and the Google gods. Ensure that you write naturally and honestly, without trying to use underhand methods to try to beat the Google algorithms. Google is clever and and getting more savvy with regards to this.

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding this subject, please leave them in the comments section below.

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