What Is A Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

What Is A Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

Before you start building your affiliate marketing website, it is necessary to choose a niche. Choosing a niche will allow you to attract people to your website. In this post, I am going to answer the question of what is a niche for affiliate marketing? I will also go through the process you need to go through to make sure you choose the right niche for you.

What Is A Niche?

A niche is your audience. When it comes to choosing the niche for your website, it is a good idea to choose one that you are passionate about or at least have an interest in. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in your niche, but you do need to be willing to learn about it so you can become an expert.

If you have been looking around this website, you will notice that I am passionate about the outdoors and the mountains, specifically snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking. But I am also interested in online business and helping people enjoy the freedom it can give them.

Pretty much anything you can think of is a niche. Some people say that you can earn money with any niche. I think this is partly true, but some niches are more profitable than others. It is very easy to say ” I am going to start a insert niche idea here website”, but it isn’t as simple as that. I have wasted a lot of time trying to make a website work that was in a niche that was too broad.

As I said before, it is important to choose a niche that you are interested in. You don’t want to be spending all of your time creating content that you have no interest in. There are a few reasons for this:

  • You will get bored
  • You won’t put in enough effort to make a success out of it
  • The quality of your content won’t be high enough
  • Your readers will not trust you and won’t regard you as an authority in your niche

But, just because you have an interest in it, it doesn’t mean you are going to make loads of money. Therefore, you need to take care when choosing the right niche for you.

How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

You niche is the theme of your business. For example, a sport, hobby or an aspect of life. A good place to start, is to think about what you buy online or use every day. You can also think about problems that you need solving. Problems can be anything from health issues to deciding what garden furniture to buy.

There is a good chance that you won’t use stick with one niche forever. As you get more comfortable with what it takes to build and manage an affiliate website, you will probably want to build several websites in different niches (but don’t do this too early).


Choosing Your Niche

I don’t advise you to just choose a niche on a whim. I tried this, and it didn’t work, so you need to look in to some characteristics of a niche before you settle on one:

  • What are you interested in?
  • What do you know about (even if it is just a little)?
  • What will keep you interested?
  • Is there a lot of competition in the niche you are considering?
  • Is there enough demand?
  • Will it go out of fashion?
  • Is it dependant on the time of year?

It is very important to take into account the points above. If you choose a niche that you are very passionate about, but there are thousands of other affiliate marketers you need to compete with, you will find it very difficult to get your content to rank above them.

You may think that choosing a broad niche will attract more people. You would be forgiven for having this thought, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. For example, I started a website in the food & drink niche, hoping to capture everyone from vegans to whisky lovers. The problem I had was that I had too much competition, and the content wasn’t focussed on one aspect of food and drink. My diverse content was too widespread for me to be considered an authority in a particular area of food and drink, which didn’t build trust.

I recommend that you narrow down your niche. If your niche is too broad, it will be much more difficult for you to make money and it will take much more time to do so (if at all).

Using Amazon

As an affiliate marketer, you monetise your website with affiliate links. You get these links through affiliate programs. If you can buy something online, there is a very good chance that you will be able to find an affiliate program for it. Just search for them on Google, or see if the product you want to promote are available at Amazon. Amazon Associates is their affiliate program, and it is popular with affiliate marketers, as Amazon sell millions of products in all sorts of niches to make money from.


Even if you don’t use Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon is a good place to get ideas for your niche. There is a good chance that Amazon sells products that you are interested in, and you can easily find them through all the categories. You can scroll through the best sellers to see what people are buying right now to see “what’s hot”.

What Is A Niche For Affiliate Marketing - camping and hiking

As an example, you may consider the camping and hiking niche. But, as you can see from the image above, there are a whole host of subcategories just on Amazon, making camping and hiking a very broad niche. So, it is best to narrow your niche down to target a more specific audience. Let’s take a look at “footwear & accessories”.

What Is A Niche For Affiliate Marketing? - boots
What Is A Niche For Affiliate Marketing? - men's boots

Above, on the left, you can see that footwear & accessories drills down to another set of subcategories. But, this could still be considered to be too broad for a niche. Therefore, when we see what is available for men (on the right), we get a much narrower niche. But, we can go even further still and base our niche on men’s hiking boots.

By checking out what is available on Amazon, you can come up with loads of ideas for your niche. Look at all the categories you are interested in, not just what you think will make you some money, from fitness, food, drink, gaming, knitting, technology etc. But remember to drill down to the subcategories.

Other Ways Of Finding Inspiration

Another way to come up with some ideas for your niche is to go to question and answer websites, such as answers.com or Quora.com. Spending some time searching through these websites will allow you to see what people are searching for that have similar interests to you.

You can find lots of inspiration from social media groups. BY join gin Facebook groups that are based on niched you are considering, you can see what questions people are asking and the things that they are sharing.


If you want more inspiration, you should then go to Google and type in your interests. As soon as you type something into the search bar, you get several related topics, that could be your niche.

What Is A Niche For Affiliate Marketing? - google hiking

Scrolling to the bottom of the Google search results will give you a list of related searches, which have the potential to be your niche too. Related searches are also useful for deciding what content to create later on.

What Is A Niche For Affiliate Marketing? - google related searches

Get Some Training

There is a lot of free information available online about choosing an affiliate marketing niche. But it can be difficult and confusing. You can take a lot of the guesswork out by getting some training. I highly recommend an affiliate marketing course such as the one available at Wealthy Affiliate, especially the Free one. The free course teaches you how to properly choose an affiliate marketing niche, find good affiliate programs, build a website and create content.

What Is A Niche For Affiliate Marketing? - Answered!

The key things to take away from this, are the points I made at the start. But, emphasis must be on choosing a niche that you are interested in, that isn’t too broad or with too much competition.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this, please leave them in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “What Is A Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

  • 21/07/2020 at 8:51 pm

    I definitely have a niche that I love and the passion does show thru in my website blog.  But in hindsight, it is probably not the best niche for making money with because of the competition and I am limited to what I can provide to get compensated for.  Time for me to pick another niche.  This post is very helpful in choosing right this time.

    • 22/07/2020 at 6:36 am

      Hi Leahrae,

      Maybe you are right, or maybe you haven’t given it enough time. You can start another niche website and run it alongside your current one. But don’t spread yourself too thin as you won’t have enough time to put enough effort into both websites.

  • 22/07/2020 at 12:02 am

    Choosing a niche is a very important step one has to take as it is the very bedrock of the business. For me, I total agree with you one has to get involved with niches that they have an interest in as it would help him/her achieve a lot with little amount of effort.

    • 22/07/2020 at 6:26 am


      Thanks for your comment. Your niche choice can make or break a business before you even start.


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