What Is An Affiliate Marketing Network?

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Network?

For this post, I am going to assume you know what affiliate marketing is and how it works. If you don’t I recommend that you check out my post How Can I make Money Affiliate Marketing? to find out all the details. But, if you do know what affiliate marketing is about, you will be aware what an affiliate program is. But in this post, I will be answering the question of “what is an affiliate network?”.

Ana affiliate network controls the tracking of affiliate sales and payments between the publisher and the a number of sellers. When you have signed up to an affiliate program as a publisher, you can see a huge amount of affiliate programs all in one place.

When you find affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche, you can request to join them. Once you have been accepted, you can promote the seller’s products and services on your website and earn commissions from the sales you generate.

How Are Sales Tracked?

Sales are tracked using cookies. When a customer clicks on an affiliate link, they are seamlessly redirected to the seller’s website, where they can buy the product or service. The cookie is dropped in to the customer’s browser, this allows the affiliate network to record the information about what the customer is doing.

When the customer buys the product or service, they will be taken to a confirmation page. This page contains affiliate network conversion tracking, which gives the affiliate network all the necessary information to track the purchase. Once all this information has been processes, the affiliate network rewards the publisher with their commission.

How Do You Make Money?

Most affiliate networks use CPA (cost per acquisition), meaning that you earn money when the seller pays you a percentage of the sales price. However, you can also earn money from creating leads, having a certain number of clicks or impressions.

If you were to get paid for the amount of leads, you will get paid depending on how many sign ups you generate. When you get paid for impressions, this is related to how many times the seller’s advert loads up on your website visitors screens.

Advantages Of Using An Affiliate Network

The fact that affiliate networks such as Awin manage the payments from multiple affiliate networks, means that publishers get a number of benefits.

Sometimes, you will only make a small amount of money from a particular affiliate program, meaning it can take a huge amount of time before you get paid. Therefore, the first benefit of an affiliate network, is that you get paid in lump sums when you reach the payment threshold. All the commissions you have earned are consolidated, meaning that you reach that threshold quicker and get paid quicker.

The second benefit, is that it is easier to join affiliate programs when you sign up to a network. You can easily browse a huge amount of seller’s that are relevant to your niche. In addition to this, seller’s will find you and invite you to join their affiliate programs.

Another great advantage of joining affiliate networks, is that you get an easy way to keep an eye on your clicks and sales. Usually, you get a dashboard that show the stats for all the activity your affiliate links are getting. Not only does this help keep track of your business, but how effective your content is, as you can keep an eye on trends.

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Network? - Answered

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