What is jaaxy.com?: The Best Keyword Research Tool?

What is jaaxy.com?: The Best Keyword Research Tool?

Keyword research is the backbone of all affiliate marketing websites. Without it you are just shooting in the dark in the hope you are creating content that people want to see. When you base your content around quality keywords, you can rank highly very quickly. If you don’t do your homework, you will be wasting time on a venture that will never succeed and won’t find out for months. To duo a proper job of your keyword research, you need the right tools and techniques for the job. In this post I am going to answer the question “what is Jaaxy.com?” and she you how you can use it effectively for success.

By the end of this post, you will know if Jaaxy.com is the right keyword research tool for you. There is a free version, so if you want to try it out while I take you through it click here.


  • The free version gives you plenty of chance to see if it is right for you
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of different tools
  • Lots of long tail keywords for focussed targeting
  • Great training material available


  • Not all of the tools are that intuitive
  • Not particularly obvious how the SEO score works


Jaaxy.com is a great tool that allows you to really target your audience with long tail keywords. It gives you enough information to boost your sales using the information.

Type in a potential keyword in the box below to try the free version.

Getting Started

what is Jaaxy.com

When you go to to Jaaxy.com,you will see that it looks pretty nice. you are greeted with a simple form to fill in that makes it really easy to sign up to the free version.

Once you have signed up to the free version you get to this page.

what is Jaaxy.com

This is where you get to try Jaaxy.com out for 30 keyword searches for free. To show you how it works, I am going to go through all of the features one by one.

First I will show you what happens when I search for the keyword “skateboard”…because why not?

what is Jaaxy.com

The search gives us a whole host of information that is separated in to columns:


The keyword column gives you suggested long tail keywords related to your search.


This is the average number of searches that are made per month for that particular keyword


The traffic column shows you the estimated number of visitors that the keyword will give you per month, if you get it to the top of the first page of Google.


The QSR column is where Jaaxy.com excels over other keyword tools. This is the number of other websites that are currently using the keyword. This is useful, as you can determine if the keyword is worth using.


The KQI (keyword Quality Indicator) column shows you how good the keyword is. It will tell you if it is “great”, “normal” or “poor”. But it is unclear how this is calculated.


This is a score from 1 to 100 for how easy it is for the keyword to rank, 1 being difficult and 100 being easy. The scores for this column are are a bit dubious when you compare the same keyword with other tools. For this reason, I wouldn’t pat too much attention to the SEO column.


The domains column lets you know if the keyword is available as a domain name. This is pretty useful when you are trying to come up with a domain name for your website.

Keyword Quality

The keywords you get from searching for “skateboard” give you some great longtail keywords. However, you don’t get any with buyer’s intent.  For this you have to do a little more work, using the alphabet soup tool. I’ll come to this later, but this gives you keywords that are proper long tail, such as “skateboard trucks and wheels” and “alien workshop complete skateboard”.

Check Out The Competition

Jaaxy.com gives you the ability to see the keywords your competitors are using. By searching for a specific URL instead of a keyword, you get a list of keywords that it is ranking with.

Here I copied and pasted https://mtb-threads.com/mountain-bike-body-armour (one of my websites) in to Jaaxy.com to see what it gave me.

The results are pretty good and look like keywords that an article about mountain bike body armour would rank for to me.

Jaaxy.com Alphabet Soup

Alphabet soup is a great technique for finding all sorts of things to write about. I typed in “skateboard” to see what it would give me.

Using this method, you get long tail keywords (which are more focussed) with buying intent. This means that they are further along the buyer’s purchasing decision. For example, skateboard is a very broad search term and will bring up lots of different things related to skateboards. This is unlikely to convert any sales, but a keyword with intent to buy has more chance of making you money. If someone searched Google for “alien workshop complete skateboard”, they have probably decided that they want a fully built skateboard from Alien Workshop (a skateboard brand), therefore they are likely to buy one through your review or recommendation.

To expand the amount of keywords you get, you can add “best” or any other appropriate word in front of the initial keyword. By doing this multiple times you can get a huge keyword list to base your content around that will last you months.

You can go through the whole alphabet and see lots of suggestions for long tail keywords. Just click on the ones that you like the look of to see if they are worth using.

what is Jaaxy.com

Jaaxy.com is a very powerful tool for building a huge list of quality keywords to base your content around.

Jaaxy.com Search Analysis

The Jaaxy.com search analysis tool acts as a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) explorer. Going back to my mountain bike body armour post, you can see some data on the right hand side of the page.

what is Jaaxy.com

The data you get from the search analysis is pretty useful when you are about to write content. By analysing a similar post from a competitor, you can use the data as a benchmark for your post. This information will give you an idea of how difficult it is to rank above it. The big one here, is the word count, so you can make sure you use more words and share more information than your competitor.

For best results, you really should couple this information with the Site Rank tool.

Jaaxy.com Site Rank

By putting the URL and the corresponding keyword in to the Site Rank tool, you can find out where it ranks in search engines. To test this, I chose another post from my mountain bike website https://mtb-threads.com/best-mountain-biking-gps-smartwatch.


what is Jaaxy.com

The right hand site of the results page shows the position it is in on Google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo.com. It also lists the top few results that use the same keyword. You can also track the progress of your keywords at predetermined intervals.

When using the Site Rank and the Search Analysis tools together, you can get a really good idea of how easy or difficult it will be to get your content to rank.

What I Like About Jaaxy.com

The Free Version

The free version of Jaaxy.com is pretty limited, You get 30 searches, which isn’t a lot. But it does give you enough opportunity to try it out. 

Keyword Quality

There are other keyword tools that give you more keywords. But, the ones you get are more unique, meaning that you will be able to find ones that are easier to rank with. You can find more than enough long tail keywords with buying intent using the alphabet soup function.

Easy To Use

Jaaxy.com is easy to use and doesn’t complicate the process of creating a list of quality keywords.

Lots of Functionality

Other than the tools I have already mentioned, Jaaxy.com helps you find affiliate programs in your niche. I also like the function of being able to find domain names based around your keywords. This is pretty useful, as having a keyword in your URL is great for SEO. 

Good Training

Jaaxy.com has loads of training resources to help you get the most out of it. This training includes videos, PDFs and walkthroughs.

what is Jaaxy.com

What Could Be Better

The SEO Rating

Other keyword tools rate the keyword with regard to how easy it is to rank with 1 being easy and 100 being difficult. But Jaaxy.com has it the other way round. This means that it isn’t particularly easy to see how accurate Jaaxy.com is in this respect. Therefore, I’m not sure how useful this feature is.

Not Always Intuitive

Some of the features are not exactly obvious in how you are supposed to use them. Luckily, there is some great training available to walk you through it.

Pricing Plans

Free Plan

The free plan has no time limit, but you only get 30 searches. You also get 20 site lookups, a website analyser, affiliate program lookups, 2 keyword lists and 5 results from the alphabet soup.

This isn’t much, but it is a trail to give you a good idea if you want to go for one of the paid options.


The Pro plan starts at $49 per month. This is pretty good if you plan on doing lots of keyword research.

This gives you unlimited searches, site lookups and it shows the first 15 results when you use the alphabet soup tool. There is also better organisation and management with regards to keyword lists. There is also some extra manual search features.


The Enterprise plan is the top level version of Jaaxy.com. This is $99 per month. This is for those of you that are churning out a serious amount of content and earning good money from it.

The Enterprise plan gives you a much faster version of Jaaxy. It gives you more results for a search and unlimited searches. You also get 50 results per letter in alphabet soup, giving you a ridiculous amount of long tail keywords with buying intent.

Who Is Jaaxy.com For?


If you are just getting started with your affiliate marketing website or online business, Jaaxy.com is perfect for you. If you are making less than $1,000 per month, the keywords you will find with Jaaxy will help you target your audience and get those figures up.

Established Businesses

If you are earning over $1,000 per month Jaaxy.com is also a great tool for you. This is because the long tail keywords you will find will be more unique compared to ones you have already used. This means you will have a way to make a list of very competitive keywords in order to earn more money.

Advanced Content Creators

If you are churning out over 1,000,000 words per year, I would consider you as an advanced content creator. This means you will need a ridiculous amount of keywords to write about and Jaaxy.com is a great way to do this. You will probably want to go for the Enterprise plan, as there are no limits or restrictions to your research.

Is Jaaxy.com Any Good?

From my experience, I would say Jaaxy.com is very good. It is a little more expensive than other keyword tools such as KWFinder and Long Tail Pro, but it is significantly cheaper than Ahrefs.

The functions and feature make Jaaxy.com a great keyword tool no matter what your goals are with your website, but it will help you reach those goals.

It isn’t perfect, but the pros outweigh the few cons by a long way. This is my keyword tool of choice and it is included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership, which is worth checking out, if you are serious about building an successful affiliate marketing website.

What Is Jaaxy.com? - Answered!

Thanks for reading my overview of Jaaxy.com, I hope it has been of use to you. Please leave any questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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