What is SEO Keyword Research?: Get free website traffic

What is SEO Keyword Research?: Get free website traffic

By using certain techniques we can get free traffic to our websites. These techniques help with our Search Engine Optimisation, which provides our  website visitors with the information they want while allowing them to find it. The first thing we need, is a list of quality keywords. In this post I am going to answer the question “what is SEO keyword research?”. I will also give you loads of tips on how it works and how to get the best from your keywords.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is simply the word or phrase people type in to search engines. For example, you may search for surfboards on Google.

what is seo keyword research

The “surfboards” keyword search gives you a list of websites that use it. The most relevant content is put at the top of your search. The owner of that website hopes that you will click on it, like what you see and buy something. This is why companies want their websites as high up in search engines as possible. They do this by basing their content around these keywords.

Therefore, as a content creator for your website, you need to find a number of keywords that will get your website to the first page of these searches, luring people to read your content with will get them to buy something, earning you money.

**Note – Surfboards is a very broad search term with 130,000,000 results. That is a lot of competition and Google doesn’t really know what you want to know with searches this broad. So, you will need a more focussed keyword (I’ll be coming to that soon). 

seo keyword research

How do we get the most out of our keywords?

Making your keywords work for you, is the best way to get traffic to your website. The techniques involved are simple and free. This means you don’t have to pay for premium adverts.

The first thing to do, is to make sure your keyword is mentioned enough in your content. This way the search engine will know what your content is about and will factor it in to the ranking algorithm. You need to put your keyword:

  • In the title of your content
  • Within the first 200 words of your content. Some people say in needs to be in the first paragraph.
  • In the meta description 

It is tempting to weave it in to the rest of your content as much as possible. But, this ins’t a great idea as search engines may see this as “keyword stuffing“. This is something that is penalised by search engines by pushing down your content’s ranking. It is best to write freely and naturally, which is something that search engines see as a positive thing.

What is SEO Keyword Research?

To find quality keywords for your niche, you need to know your audience and what they search for. Keyword research takes time,  but it is worth it because it is so powerful.

Coming up with things to write about may make you feel creative and you may think you have lots of ideas. But, there is no point spending time writing about something that people are not looking for (I will be going through coming up with keyword ideas shortly, stay with me). 

It is important to base your content around targeted keywords. These keywords attract a small amount of traffic, but have less competition. We call these key words “low hanging fruit”. The lower hanging pieces of fruit might be smaller than the pieces at the top of the tree, but we can reach them and there is more of them.

So, we need to work out how many searches and how much competition our potential keywords have. This is so we can “pick the low hanging fruit”.

I use a keyword research tool called Jaaxy, as it is part of my Wealthy Affiliate membership. It has lots of features, but the main one is the ability to give me all the information I need to choose quality keywords.

Choosing Low Competition Keywords

It may seem a bit odd to go for keywords that don’t attract lots of traffic, even if it has little competition. But, a large organisation has a huge advertising budget that will get them to the top of Google searches. But, as a one man band, I don’t have a advertising budget, so I go for low competition keywords.

These low competition keywords are known as “long tail” keywords, as they are more of a phrase targeted to a specific topic. When you create quality content around them, you will get to the first page of Google searches for free.

The amount of traffic you get may not be very high, but if you have content on the first page of lots of different searches, you will be more competitive. This does take lots of time, but you will convert more with this method.

Example of a long tail keyword

I will illustrate the effectiveness of long tail keywords to you using Jaaxy.

  • The Avg column in the images below shows the average number of searches the keyword gets per month.
  • The Traffic column shows the amount of traffic it could receive per month if it gets on the first page of Google.
  • The QSI column shows the amount of other websites that use that particular key word.

 Ideally, we want the Avg to be above 50 and the QSI to be below 100.

In the first image, I have typed “bike” in to Jaaxy. As you can see, it attracts lots of searches per month, but has lots of competition. This means you stand very little chance of ranking well on Google, as there are already lots of other websites using it. So, we need to focus our keyword.

keyword research

The keyword “best kids mountain bike”, doesn’t get much traffic, but you have less people to compete with. This means that it is a better keyword to base a post around.

researching keywords

However, we can focus our keywords even more. The image below shows the results for “Trek Wahoo mountain bike”. Again, there are less people looking for it, but the ones that do, already have an idea that they may want to buy a Trek Wahoo mountain bike. If you get your content based around this keyword on to the first page, they are likely to click on it. Then your well written content should help them finalise their decision and buy through your affiliate link. This could be a review of the bike itself.


Getting Keyword Ideas

Now you know how to get the most out of your keywords, but how do you come up with keyword ideas? There are lots of different ways to do this, and spending a couple of hours doing it can give you a good keyword list that can last you months.

Alphabet Soup

This technique is really effective and can give you a ridiculous amount of keywords. Jaaxy has an alphabet soup feature, but you can also do it with Google.

Let’s say I have a camper van niche website (this is a very broad niche and needs to be narrowed down, but it is just an example), I can type “camper van” in to Google.

what is seo keyword research

By putting each letter of the alphabet before or after the keyword idea or niche, you can get a huge amount of keywords ideas. Doing this will also trigger lots of other ideas for you to try.

Related Searches

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the first page of Google after typing in a keyword, you will see related searches. This is a  fantastic way to come up with ideas to research with Jaaxy.

seo keywords

PAA stands for people also asked. This is another section on the first page of Google that is very useful for coming up with keyword ideas. Keywords that are questions are great, as they are easy to base your content around. Your just need to give comprehensive answers.

website traffic

This is literally sitting down and thinking about the things people want to know within your niche. Think about questions people are likely to ask, products they could be interested in, tips you can share etc.

Social Media

Join relevant Facebook groups. These are full of people that ask questions on a certain subject. You can use these questions to come up with keyword ideas and see how good they are with a keyword research tool. Additionally, you can answer people’s questions by dropping links to your website in the groups.

Question and Answer websites

Check out Quora and Reddit to see what questions people are asking. Again, you can answer the questions by dropping links to your content. This will bring traffic to your website.


The autocomplete in Google is a great way to to come up with keyword ideas. This comes hand in hand with alphabet soup. But you can also use the search bar in Amazon to come up with ideas for reviews. 

amazon autocomplete

"What is SEO Keyword Research?" - Answered!

Now you have loads of information to help you with your SEO keyword research. I learned all this from the training at Wealthy Affiliate. There is much more to learn, so I suggest you check it out if you are serious about your affiliate marketing business. If you have any thoughts or questions about this post, let me know in the comments section below.

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  • 08/08/2019 at 2:14 pm

    Thanks for explaining this. These are keyword techniques that I also use on my website. I learned about them from wealthy affiliate. That is what helped me choose my niche. Once I saw that even in a higher competition Niche, there were lower competition keywords, I was able to begin putting together content for my website. Now I am already getting traffic on my website thanks to wealthy affiliate. I have almost made as much money as I paid and it is only my first month. One day it will be all profit. Results May Vary.

    • 08/08/2019 at 3:47 pm

      Hi Charles,

      Wow well done with earning money quickly, you are a rare exception. Thanks for your comment.

  • 08/08/2019 at 2:58 pm

    Oh so many nice tips. Thank you very much! Keyword research is a process that I’ve stucked a lot. Using People Also Ask and Related Searches is a nice way to not only finding keyword, but also adding more content. By the way, I noticed that you used a keyword research tool. Is Jaaxy a free or paid keyword tool? I would like to check it more. Thanks.

    • 08/08/2019 at 3:50 pm


      Thanks for your comment. There is a free version with the free membership at Wealthy affiliate, but it is quite limited. There are different versions that have different features that are paid, you can see the prices here.


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